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Can be read as a standalone Julie Prescott is the life of every party Shes loud, witty, and uses her body and pretty face to get whatever she wants Shes never had a problem hooking up with guys, or ditching them when they dont live up to her standards Julie has a list of exes a mile long and a reputation to match, but shes looking for than just a degree in college Shes looking for Mr Perfect.Ben Sutherland is the enigmatic bassist of a popular local band Born blind, Ben depends on his other senses to help him understand the world around him on a deeper level His sultry voice and musical talent might make it impossible for him to go unnoticed on campus, but Ben isnt looking for fame or groupies Hes looking to perfect his music.Julies been lusting after Ben for months and when she finally meets him at a party, her confidence is shaken when she discovers she cant use her physical beauty to charm him Even though she s always relied on her looks, its her personality that wins Ben over and hes determined to show her that shes than just a pretty face.But falling in love is the easy part Family lies, a questionable reputation, and the chance of a lifetime threaten to tear Ben and Julie apart Can they trust the futures theyve chosen or will they take the biggest risk of all and listen to the sound of their own hearts...

Title : The Sound of Your Heart (College Bound Book 3) (English Edition)
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The Sound of Your Heart (College Bound Book 3) (English Edition) Reviews

  • yo
    2020-02-17 08:39

    A good story that keeps you to want to go on reading to know how it will end. Enjoyed it

  • Jen  Zingaro
    2020-02-24 07:32

    I have to admit that I am a little sad right now to see this series end. I can only hope that the authors consider stories for all of the amazing secondary characters that we've met along the way because I am not going to be able to let everyone go now. I am in love with this series. Jules & Ben's story was no different.Read that blurb - What an interesting concept for a romance novel. You have the ultimate pretty, party girl who relies on all the flirting and visual cues to get the guy and she can't do that with Ben. And her life up until now hasn't really allowed her to build the confidence she needs to rely on other things. I loved being in her head when this realization set in and how she would deal with that.Let's talk about Ben.. He is one of the swooniest guys that I've read in a book. The things he says... Gah, I want to be the lucky girl who gets him. I have so many highlights of his words in my kindle.And when you think that this is enough of a plot for a story, there is MORE! So many things going on that my heart is so completely full right now. Thanks for such an amazing bunch of books. <3

  • Paula DeBoer
    2020-02-01 05:31

    What a amazing end to a beautiful series. Yes each book is a standalone but there all tied together. This is Jules story. Jules is a character she made me laugh at loud with her loud attitude. Plus how strong Jules was and amazing person and didn’t even know it. Then I cried at times because I felt the pain Jules was feeling and understood her emotions. Ben what a amazing guy nothing kept him from living his life and so strong and determined I fell in love with him right away. Actually I fell in love with all the characters from this series that I’m sad there stories have ended but it was breathtakingly beautiful. 5/5 stars

  • Sassy Southern Book Blog
    2020-02-08 05:57

    Julie enjoys parties and those in attendance enjoy her. She's loud, witty, and knows how to have fun. What she also knows how to do is use her looks to get what she wants. Guys come and go, that's how she views it because none have ever met her standards. Her list of exes is long, but she has a purpose. She's looking for the one, her Mr. Perfect, while working toward her degree. But what happens when the man she's been eyeing isn't susceptible to her usual tricks? How can she use her appearance to get what she wants, or even get a chance with him, when he can't see her? Her whole life, starting at a young age, her mom taught her looks were important and without a father in her life, she had no one else to turn to.Ben is the bassist of a local band gaining in popularity. His voice and talent have garnered him a lot of attention, but he isn't interested in finding fame or the usual "perks" of his position. Ben is all about the music. Being born blind, Ben's remaining senses have adapted, strengthened, and he feels on a level others don't or can't.When Julie finally gets to meet Ben, she's so excited, knowing this is her chance, but that changes when she realizes her looks and body aren't going to do anything for her. She has to truly be herself, but does she even know who that is anymore?Ben falls for Julie, the person she is inside, and is determined to show her how special she truly is, that she doesn't have to rely on her beauty. She's more than that, better than that. But how can he get her to accept the opposite of what she's always believed, how she's lived for so long?It isn't long before Ben and Julie fall for one another, but it's staying that way that's difficult as one obstacle after another seems intent on destroying that love.Can Ben's strength in being true to himself, in not letting his disability stop him from living, show Julie she has the same within her? What happens when Ben's family and friends warn him about Julie, believing she'll break his heart? How will Julie react when things she's always been told prove to be lies? Will she stand in the way of Ben's band achieving their goals? Can Ben convince her of his love and that he isn't going anywhere? When Ben is away and things happen concerning Julie, will the truth ever come out about what happened? Will Ben ever know? Is a HEA possible?One-click now and follow along as two people discover a forever love that everyone seems determined to ruin. I liked that Ben, being blind since birth, was the one that taught Julie to truly "see" herself as more than a pretty face. To have confidence in other aspects of her life. He was all in where she was concerned, knowing she was special, that she was the one, and Julie loved him with her whole heart which means, in her mind, she needed to let him go, to let him follow his path. She refused to hold him back, but Ben knew he'd only ever be happy with her by his side.- By Elizabeth

  • Erin
    2020-02-14 05:55

    I found this book an engaging read about college life. It covered the importance of taking a chance, being yourself, believing in yourself and others, and the power of love. It can be read as a standalone novel, but is part of a series.“Why don't you take a chance? You could be surprised what might happen if you let someone truly see you.”I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. We follow Julie, life of the party sorority girl; and Ben, blind bass musician. They each have reputations, baggage, and issues that complicate their life and love, but work through the lies and frustrations and strife to become better people and partners.Julie is at first glace an airheaded, stereotypical sorority girl. But she's given such well developed backstory for her actions and current personality that she's easy to like and have your heart ache for her frustrations. Ben is a blind musician, working hard to write his music and persevere in a world far from perfect. I loved how at first in reading the book his blindness doesn't even come up and Julie has no clue! I loved how they interacted. You rooted for Ben to have less struggles; and for Julie to find love and acceptance. You rooted for all the side characters, and how they changed the main characters. So well done!“Holy (heck). He had dimples. And tattoos. Lots of tattoos that I wanted to see up close.”“...listening to her voice was like an audible blowjob and she smelled like a (flipping) pina colada and that made me want to devour her.”Julie had a crush on Ben for a while before making her move, only to be met with some initial out of context resistance. But once they got things straightened out, those two! Kisses to melt my Kindle. But Ben kept it slow and burning for a while instead of rushing things to make it last.Fast paced and well written, I devoured this book. It was a poignant story about these college students, but also a reminder for all the readers to make sure we're not being a pretend version of ourselves, and being considerate of others. I loved the bold and, brash Julie and the way the author gave her the most witty and facetious lines! It made the book so fun to read!This was a great book that sums up so many of the challenges of so many college students and their growth, but also the special needs community. It drew my emotions out so deeply for the characters and their situations. I can't wait to read more by this author.Favorite quotes:“I think you need to examine your definition of perfection. If you can stop and accept yourself, flaws and all, you might be able to accept a guy who has a few too.”“Everything I believed about myself was being challenged.”Star Ratings:Plot = 5/5 Characters = 5/5 Heat = 5/5 Writing Style = 5/5 Overall Rating = 5/5