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What if you were in love not just with one, not just with two, but with three handsome guys And what if they wanted you back Now an Top 40 Bestseller There are three of them Three boys.Were friends Neighbors Our lives are linked through disaster, fear, and pain.I love them all Not sure I can live without them Can we just stay friends Can we ignore the desire flaring when were around each other Can I kiss one and not the other I cant choose.Dont want to choose.And Im not sure they can, either.This story will either end up in heartache, or as any story should in a happy ending.Love is not a road Its a country A sprawling galaxy Love has no compass No rules No limits.Love is a universe Lose yourself in it Warning for possible triggers and dark themes Contains some boy on boy love m m...

Title : Broken Compass: A Contemporary Standalone Reverse Harem Romance Novel (English Edition)
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Broken Compass: A Contemporary Standalone Reverse Harem Romance Novel (English Edition) Reviews

  • carina
    2020-03-17 14:03

    I love how the book tells their story from broken and alone to becoming a loving familiy. The book is incredibly beautiful and you feel the love between all four. And let‘s not forget the hot scenes between all four of them. Love the m/m scenes and love not only for Syd but for each other. Must read!!!!

  • Nadine Schumacher
    2020-03-27 08:52

    Well..... yeah I have to kinda sort my thoughts about this book.It's loooong, it has a lot of depth in it, and it's not something you read in a passing.A Reverse Harem book is not everybody's cup of tea, and especially when teenagers are involved. Kudos to Jo to go with this topic.I struggled some, because I was thinking back to my teenage years. How much did I share with my friends? Wheat did I do? Reading, I sometimes thought why the heck are you not talking to your friends?? But, I've never been close to a situation like in the book....But then again, this story is so captivating, it’s a page turner! You need to know what’s happening next... I had a night, where I read until 3am because I couldn’t put it down :)I really like the author, she writes awesome books.Have fun reading this book. It's a long ride :) but oh so worth it!!!

  • SRK
    2020-03-26 09:01

    Intense, very intense....and hot! One of the best reads I had in months!Highly recommended! The autor and this book!

  • Maewolf
    2020-03-23 09:50

    What happens if you fall for your neighbor? Not just one of them but all three of them. Emotions, lots and lots of them. Everyone has their secrets, and these four have them in spades. Sydney is alone, but she has her boys. They are her best friends, they are her protectors, and she has feelings for them all. But she can't choose just one, you can't have one without the other. They all complete each other, they all need each other, they are family. Told by all four point of views, you get to really feel the emotions. You will feel their pain, you will feel their attraction, you know the strength they find in each other, and you will be there every step of the way of their struggle to find their happily ever after. This book has trigger warnings of abuse, both verbal and physical, and abandonment. With nods to Damage Control, Candy Boys, and Bad Wolf mixed in, this book is a must read to add to your collection. Would I recommend this book? Yes. Would I read this book again? Yes.

  • Lainey DS- Fictional Book Fantasies
    2020-03-11 06:08

    You experience So many emotions during this read, HEARTBREAK, LOVE, LUST, FRIENDSHIP, ANGST. I don’t even know how to fully describe everything I felt other than to say this book made you FEEL!There are 4 main characters in this book have allExperienced betrayal, heartbreak or rejection by someone they loved and someone that was meant to be be there for them, loving them, looking after them but instead they find themselves depending on each other for that love and support and their feelings develop on a much deeper level.Nate, West, Sydney (Red as Kash calls her) and Kash have found a connection that was formed by friendship, secretly they wanted more but never voiced it until they found the courage.West stole the show for me in this book, his strength to stay and look after his miserable Grandfather and Sister when he could have left themFor dead amazed me. We were thrown an absolute curve ball I didn’t see coming half way through the story and my heart shattered for him. West also cracked me up with his smart witty remarks at times. His love and devotion to Nate and Syd and even Kash was unwavering and that was what was holding him together and stopping him fromCompletely breaking ( or dissolving from all that bleach)...Sydney was the glue that held them all together. He ability to love each one completely and equally without feeling the need to choose one only. She was a strong person who didn’t want to follow in her mums' footsteps and declared her heart was big enough to love each one (Nate, West and Kash) completely.This book touched me on so many levels and has become one of my Top reads of 2018!

  • The Readerholic
    2020-03-20 06:19

    Where to start.Well first if I could rate this the way I want then this book would have 5* for each of the four separate stories that make up this amazing book. Because each character has their own story.Reading this was a roller-coaster of emotions. I had to put it down once or twice just so I could recover and control how it made me feel.Nate, West, Kash and Sydney grabbed my heart and embedded themselves inside.Each character has their own journey which was great and the way Jo Raven entwined them, created one incredibly strong story which shows her incredible talent. There are so many talented writers in this world but I can safely say that Miss Raven is in a league of her own.Colleen Who, E L what's her name, Nora someone move over because Jo Raven is who everyone should be reading. This woman is incredibly talented and this story is one of the best I have read in years.Give it a read xxxx

  • Bek
    2020-03-28 06:05

    I'm not sure what words to use to review this book. I kind of feel like any words I use won't do it justice, but I'll try.RH seem to be all the thing at the moment, lots of my favourite authors are doing it, so when I found out that Jo Raven was, I wasn't surprised, but I can honestly say that this is the best so far! There are many reasons for this, mostly just because of the author she is, no one tortures damaged boys quite like she does, no one writes these amazing strong heroines that hold these boys together like she does, no one does the steamy scenes quite the same, and no one rips me to shreds before putting me back together in exactly the way she does.These boys are damaged, almost beyond repair you would have thought, but it took a girl like Sydney to pull them together. I love that each individual relationship in this book strengthens each character, I love that they all need each other, I love that it's Syd that draws them together, but the relationship is not the same without all of them.I think the thing I like the best about this is that there's MM in here as well and I think that what makes this RH so unique. It's not just the boys relationships with the girl that keep them all together, but the fact that they each have a deep and special bond with all the other individuals in the relationship.I think you can tell I'm a huge Jo Raven fan, but I never thought she'd top Candy Boys (who get a mention in here). Well, I'm here to tell you, this is way way better and that's saying something!Read it, you won't regret it!

  • Book Lovin' Momma
    2020-03-13 07:01

    I loved this RH romance! Most of the ones I've read are with slightly older characters (though still young). This one features four college-aged people who are neighbors and then friends, and then so much more! Getting each of their POVs was seamlessly done, and they gave me a good glimpse into Sydney, Nate, West and Kash's damaged souls. It was a complicated and enthralling relationship, and I loved the M/M, as it really gave the men some good focus and it wasn't just about Sydney. This was such an amazingly well done story, both sizzling hot yet so thoughtfully sweet!