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This is a slow burn REVERSE HAREM romance TRIGGER WARNING this story contains content that may trigger readers sensitive to violence and sexual assault.Jackie May has created a world of epic proportions that demands complete reader thrall until the very last page Melissa Haag, Author of Fury FrayedMost humans have no idea that a dark and deadly underworld, filled with magic and monsters, exists They wander through life blissfully ignorant of the supernatural world around them Nora Jacobs is different Nora knows exactly what kinds of hellish creatures haunt the streets of Detroit.Thanks to a unique set of psychic abilities, Nora has managed to steer clear of the underworld most of her life But all that changes the night the most powerful vampire in the city discovers her gifts and decides to use her as a tool to find one of his missing clan members.As if thats not bad enough, Nora believes shes cursed All her life, people, especially men, have been drawn to hersome to the point of obsession and violence Underworlders, it seems, are not immune to this curse, and now shes caught the attention of some of the most dangerous monsters in the city.Neck deep in an investigation only she can solve, Nora quickly makes as many new allies as she does enemies Her biggest problem is staying alive long enough to decide which is which....

Title : Don't Rush Me (Nora Jacobs Book One) (English Edition)
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Publisher : Bluefields 25 Januar 2018
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Don't Rush Me (Nora Jacobs Book One) (English Edition) Reviews

  • JuliaH
    2020-02-11 21:57

    First of all the characters and the world building are really good and I really liked the interaction of Nora and the guys. Sadly it‘s hard to find a good book that involves humor these days but this one truly managed to fulfill my expectations. The only character that I sometimes really found annoying (besides Henry) was Oliver, who was crying a bit too often for my taste. Also this whole talking with him about emotional themes where I sometimes felt like he resembled a child and Nora his mother was a bit too much for my taste. I‘m not trying to insult anyone but in some situations he almost seemed female to me if one looks at the different ways men and women act like. From the middle of book on the plot started to be foreseeable, but the the interaction of Nora and the guys still made me enjoy it. Due to the fact that I’m curious how things develop in the future, I will buy the next book and hope that I don’t have to wait that long till it’s published. I would recommend this book for people who like a bit of action, but not too much and who enjoy humor in the paranormal genre.

  • Yvonne Redmer
    2020-01-21 01:04

    Very refreshing. A wonderful change, to have the female lead truly want to be her own person and not just pretend to (as in falls head over heels for anyone who shows human decency or the whole 5 minutes and already suffering Stockholm Syndrom). Thank you for the tigger warnings, definitely somethings to be prepared for. I find it was well written and highly entertaining. I particularly enjoy her interactions with the troll.

  • Kallasin
    2020-02-12 01:56

    I started reading this book this morning and couldn't put it down. I loved it, so I looked for the next one immediately. Sadly, it's not published yet, but I hope it's being written. I'm writing this comment partly, because it really is a great story and partly as thanks to two amazing new authors. Please don't let us wait too long for the next installment.

  • J
    2020-01-25 20:57

    Really liked this one! The storyline had a good flow and was always engaging. Characters were interesting and reasonable. No info dumps, weird or/and sudden character changes or "oh god, how stupid can someone be" moments. I am looking forward to hearing more from Nora's life. Definitely recommendable.

  • CA
    2020-02-06 04:18

    I started it with low expectations, but it was really good to read. Alas, the next one is not to find yet.

  • Arne Ebsen
    2020-02-11 05:14

    see above . I hate this"love at first Sigh(t)" business.and i hate to loose words about books. read it and think for yourselves!

  • Amazon-Kunde
    2020-01-24 03:02

    Charaktere: runde Charaktere die logisch agieren, wenig Stereotype, viel eigene PersönlichkeitSchreibstil: auf den Punkt, fliessend und spannend - Wording und Grammatik sind korrekt (zumindest für mich als Non-Native)Geschichte: Der Hauptstrang der Geschichte ist ca. ab der Mitte des Buches absehbar, das Ende wenig überraschend. Dennoch kommt dank der vielfältigen Charaktere und Nebenhandlungen keine Langeweile auf. Positiv fällt auf, dass es keinen Cliffhanger der Haupthandlung gibt sondern diese beendet wird - es sind jedoch noch genug ungelöste Rätsel übrig, um weitere Bücher interessant zu machen.Fazit: Das Buch lebt von der Interaktion der Charaktere untereinander. Der eigentliche "Kriminalfall" ist geradlinig und wenig überraschend. Ich würde es jederzeit wieder lesen.

  • Catalus
    2020-01-21 05:17

    That's the first book of Jackie May that I've read and I was pleasantly surprised.Nora is a sympathetic heroine and has a nice psychic power set that makes her very intriguing to read about. On the other hand she is vulnerable enough to make things exciting. The various other characters, especially the men are promising too. I am looking forward to see things developing in later books. By the way I am very happy about the way things ended in regards to Henry. I can't say more about that here without spoilering the book.I am getting a bit sick of the whole magical community hiding from the regular humans for undisclosed reasons background, but it seems to become more and more prevalent in urban fantasy, so there probably was no way around that.