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Detective Cade Lawson believes in justice But when a serial killer targets pedophiles and child abusers, lines tend to get blurry When the serial killer strikes in Cades city, along follows the uptight and handsome Detective Cole Banks Cole comes with a truckload of baggage and a hell of an attitude, but Cade is instantly attracted to him.Cole has been trying to catch the serial killer the media dubbed The Executioner for almost two years He hopes the new development in the case will provide the break he needs to catch the killer Unfortunately, once in Balti, he must join forces with the alluring and absolute pain in the ass, Detective Cade Lawson Sparks fly and not just the good kind as they struggle through their case.As their attraction burns hotter with each day, false alibis and dark secrets threaten not just their case but also their fragile relationship Can Cades lively personality and his unwavering trust and faith in Cole push him back into the confines of humanity, or will Cole run to safety the first chance he gets Warning Possible triggers Sexual abuse, violence, death, human trafficking, rape....

Title : A Detached Raider (The Black Raiders Book 1) (English Edition)
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ISBN : B077G51M5N
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Format Type : Hardcover
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Ana Night 28 November 2017
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A Detached Raider (The Black Raiders Book 1) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Claudia CG Lezar
    2020-03-01 17:05

    PLEASE READ FIRST MY RATING SYSTEM!!!To my ratings (thanks to amazon I had to change it again and 'upgrade' it a little bit. 5* is now 5,5* and my old 3* is now a 4*):5,5* - very very good and rare (it would be a Blow-Away-book like 'Liberty' from Seth King, 'Save the kids' series from EM Leya or 'Jesse's Smile' from Angelique Jurd), it's like an A+5* - very good and will be often reread and is a WOW-book with interesting plot and surprises (like most of Andrew Grey books), it's like an A4,5* - it's the place between I really like it and I love it, it's like an A-4* - a really good book, which will be reread a few times (most romances where you can enjoy for relaxing and during waiting times in hospitals). I can recommend them definitively! It's like an A-B3* - it could be more then a one-time-reader, but not really an often reread book2* - it was ok to read, but it's more a one-time-reader (i wouldn't recommend it heartly, but it was ok) It's like a C-, D1* - sorry, but that isn't really a book for me (too many mistakes, not nice plot, unlogical, NO-GO). It's like failure in the whole line, dismissed, repeat the classI had a little problem with the similar names: Cole/Cade. So the fist half of the book I was confused, who is who.The whole book was for me a little bit jumping from one to the next, nothing completely continuing.I hope, the next book will be better.It was ok to read, but I don't know yet, if I will read it a second time.But I give the next book a try.

  • Minelli
    2020-03-16 19:03

    Dieses Buch ist dermaßen zusammenhangslos geschrieben, ich kann die ganzen guten Rezensionen absolut nicht nachvollziehen. Die Szenen springen teilweise. Am Anfang als Cole und Cale sich kennenlernen sind sie kurz sauer aufeinander und zwei Sätze später wieder nicht.Ich weiß nicht, das ganze Ding war komplett seltsam geschrieben. Mir haben Übergänge gefehlt. Außerdem war der eine Fall geklärt, kommt auf einmal der nächste achso und außerdem gehört Cale ja zur SPOILER.Alles an den Haaren herbeigezogen und in einen Topf geworfen.Schreibstil hat mir nicht gefallen. Keine Leseempfehlung und ich werde bestimmt nicht den nächsten Teil lesen.

  • Voska
    2020-02-26 20:25

    I debated for a while whether I would give this book 3 or 4 stars. I did like the story, and it was well written. I liked Cade and Cole a lot. I love when a story is more than just a romance, but also a murder mystery. All these things I like I decided deserve 4 stars.What I didn't like is how complicated things were. There are two characters named Callie and the author is pretty vague at first so it became confusing. There are so many names and characters to remember and almost all of them are described as having blond hair so they all got a bit jumbled in my head and by the time the story shifts from one case to another I was very confused about who was who.Also, the story ends with the mystery being solved, but not the romance. They didn't share their pasts with each other, or their secrets. There were no 'I love you's' exchanged, or any definite plans made about their future together.I guess whether or not I read book two depends on if it picks up where this one leaves off, or if the next book is focused on a different member of the black raiders.

  • Lucrecia Graña
    2020-03-24 19:04

    I loved everything about this first book. About Cole and CadeO(≧∇≦)OTheir relationship progresses at such a right, normal pace it just seems effortless. And reading about it definitely is. And fun, is fun to read cause they banter like nobody's business and they're absolutely amazing at it. I found myself smiling like a fool a lot and even L-ing very OL-ing a few times. They just make me happy ♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)The people surrounding them are well rounded and interesting as well. That Morgan girl is priceless.And then there's work. The cases (cases with an -s I tell you, not just the one and next is next book… this book is well thought-off and carefully and lovingly put into motion. Also long which is absolutely great) they work are the frosting on this yummy MM-cupcake. They are realistic which means hard AF to deal with, to read about but deeply interesting in their complexity...All in all this is shaping up to be an amazing new series. I'm happy to report I'm hooked 🎣And I'll definitely keep reading 📖

  • TKinFtWorth
    2020-03-04 17:05

    I have never read this author. I debated 4 vs 5 stars solely due to the confusion in the beginning of keeping who's perspective I was reading straight. Too many "He's" in the beginning, had to keep starting the first couple chapters over. Then I just got into the story and it either got better or I quit noticing.Lots of action, lots of twists too, then the story and wrapped up quickly. Great set up for a new series. Many potential new characters introduced with an interesting common background story. I will be looking for the next books to come out.

  • ReaderNYC
    2020-03-23 23:26

    I thought the plot of this novel was fairly interesting, and that's why I stayed with it. However, that wasn't easy at times. First, Cole and Cade are both pretty unlikeable characters, each in his own way, so it was hard to root for them. All the eyebrow wagging got on my nerves. The sex scenes were too frequent and too long. Leaden. I skimmed through them. A character named Morgan was also beyond annoying, whenever her name appeared a also started skimming, which was fine because she added nothing to the story. Her mom was a walking stereotype, fortunately her scenes were short. I won't continue with this series.

  • SE
    2020-03-14 17:29

    This wasn’t just a mystery, it was like throwing a handful of pebbles into still water and watch how the ripples intersect each other! Loved it!