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THE SERIAL KILLER ISN T ON TRIAL.HE S ON THE JURY Books this ingenious don t come along very often Michael Connelly THIRTEEN is my favourite read of the year Sarah Pinborough Outstanding Lee Child Smart and original This is a belter of a book Clare Mackintosh To your knowledge, is there anything that would preclude you from serving on this jury Murder wasn t the hard part It was just the start of the game.Joshua Kane has been preparing for this moment his whole life He s done it before But this is the big one.This is the murder trial of the century And Kane has killed to get the best seat in the house.But there s someone on his tail Someone who suspects that the killer isn t the man on trial.Kane knows time is running out he just needs to get to the conviction without being discovered THIRTEEN REASONS WHY YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK An oh so clever hook for an oh so clever, gripping book THIRTEEN is courtroom drama at its finest, blended with page turning twists and characters you can t get enough of Steve Cavanagh is the John Grisham for a new generation Slick, thrilling and unique, THIRTEEN is my favourite read of the year Sarah Pinborough Outstanding an intriguing premise, a tense, gripping build up, and a spectacular climax This guy is the real deal Trust me Lee Child Smart and original This is a belter of a book Clare Mackintosh Great hook Great plot Great book Thirteen is a real page turner and one you won t want to put down Simon Kernick A brilliant, twisty, ingeniously constructed puzzle of a book Steve Cavanagh pulls off an enviable premise with panache Ruth Ware I ve been tracking Steve Cavanagh for a few years now and Thirteen is his best, a dead bang beast of a book that expertly combining his authority on the law with an absolutely great thrill ride Books this ingenious don t come along very often Michael Connelly Quite simply deserves to be HUGE If you read a thriller as good this year, it s only because you ve read this one twice Mark Billingham Tore through this between dusk and dawn Absolute 5 star cracker from Steve Cavanagh, who s gotta be among top legal thriller writers out there nowadays A powerhouse of a book that s much than its high concept hook Craig Sisterson Wow This book is friggin awesome Utterly immersive Emma Kavanagh Fantastically gripping Guilty as charged Angela Clarke An absolute cracker Susi Holliday Guilty of thrills, twists, and expertly manipulating the reader Mason Cross An absolute rollercoaster of a read Thrilling Cass Green...

Title : Thirteen: The serial killer isn’t on trial. He’s on the jury (English Edition)
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Thirteen: The serial killer isn’t on trial. He’s on the jury (English Edition) Reviews

  • dieleseratz
    2020-01-27 04:28

    Leider werden viele durchschnittliche Romane mittlerweile extrem beworben mit "best book of the year" , a "must read" usw usw.Man läßt sich zum Kauf verführen, hat natürlich sehr hohe Erwartungen - und das bittere Ende folgt spätestens nach 50 Seiten. So auch hier!Ein Thriller, der seinen Namen eigentlich nicht verdient: Sehr langweilig, sehr langatmig. Keinerlei interessante Protagonisten, keinerlei überraschende Wendungen (bis zu den letzten 5 Seiten), keinerlei Helden, mit denen man gerne mitleidet und mitfiebert.Der Böse ist einfach nur superklug und superböse. Der Gute ist einfach nur gut.So weit, so langweilig.Das Ende kommt urplötzlich, ist unlogisch, unglaubhaft, nicht nachvollziehbar. Hier wollte der Autor es mal noch richtig krachen lassen - aber man läßt den Leser verwirrt und ungläubig zurück.Das war's also? Dafür habe ich mich durchs Buch gekämpft ?Fazit: Sprachlich ganz gut, aber der Inhalt ist ein 08/15 Thriller, den man vergessen hat, sobald man das Buch schließt. Kein kurzweiliger Lesestoff für den Urlaub -schade!

  • Mark Tapley
    2020-01-26 02:28

    Ein gelungenes Buch, für alle die sich nicht daran stören von Beginn weg den Täter zu kennen. Denn die Geschichte wird von Beginn weg teilweise aus der Sicht vom Mörder Kane und teilweise aus der Sicht vom Anwalt Flynn dargestellt. Dadurch entsteht ein spannendes Katz und Maus Spiel, bei dem der Leser hofft, dass der Held dem Täter auf die Schliche kommt. Spannung entsteht auch dadurch, dass der Leser lange nicht weiss, was das Motiv des Mörders und wie der Protagonist den Mörder enttarnt.Eher durchschnittlich bis langweilig sind die Charaktere, die mehr oder weniger dem Standardreptoire der Krimis entstammen. Der strahlende Held, der eigentlich alles kann und weiss und der abgrundtiefe Bösewicht mit schlimmer Kindheit. Hier und da existieren noch Nebenfiguren, die aber allesamt blass sind und nicht in Erinnerung bleiben.Aus diesem Gesichtspunkt sei das Buch denjenigen ans Herz gelegt, die spannende Unterhaltung ohne Anspruch für den Nachttisch suchen. Allen anderen, die Wert auf Charaktere oder Atmosphäre legen, würde ich das Buch eher weniger empfehlen.

  • Lavender
    2020-01-27 03:02

    This is one of the few books that deserves a hype. So many mediocre books are hailed by book bloggers and I've fallen for so many. Aggressive advertising and blog tours hype up so many books that actually do not deserve it. "Thirteen" is one of those rare but really good thrillers that are hard to find. It is a clever and intricate plot with unusual protagonists. I have just seen that it is already the 4th book in a series. But it works wonderfully as a stand-alone. At the very least, it is curious to find more books about the unusual lawyer Eddie Flynn.The book is very suspenseful but rather slow. For me it was not necessarily a Pageturner from the beginning. But the tension keeps building up and is full of surprises. "Thirteen" is an extremely clever and well-written court thriller that I can only warmly recommend

  • karmen spiljak
    2020-02-19 02:23

    A real page turned - I loved every single chapter. Great and well rounded characters, a very well constructed plot and twists I didn't see coming. Definitely one of the best thrillers I've read in a while.

  • Richard C. Reynolds
    2020-02-03 04:11

    The premise for this novel is an exciting one. Joshua Kane has this evil desire to commit a serial killing but wants to make sure that he never gets caught. To do this, Kane hatches a scheme to land himself a seat on the jury of a coming murder trial. The defendant in this trial is a celebrity actor named Robert “Bobby” Solomon. Kane is successful and, once the trial gets underway, tries to influence the rest of the juror’s thinking so that Bobby will eventually be found guilty. Bobby’s attorney for his defense is Eddie Flynn, a fellow that I’ve seen before in other novels by Cavanagh. Flynn has a checkered history. He was once a professional con man before getting his life straightened out and winning a law degree. Flynn’s experience as a con man works to his advantage at times when dealing with the prosecution and witnesses who are not favorable to his client’s case. Flynn is also an old friend of the judge in this case and, in several incidents during the trial, I thought the judge’s actions crossed the line of judicial prudence. Bobby’s trial moves ahead slowly while other incidents make Flynn realize there is a person on the jury with an ulterior motive. Unfortunately, for at least this reader, I came to a different conclusion than what was revealed in the book’s ending. I’ll admit it was a surprise but I also felt that the most readers will feel tricked, not by an unreliable narrator but by an unreliable author. This book could have been much better and I’m disappointed in having to wade through the entire novel only to feel a huge letdown at the end.

  • Calas
    2020-02-19 07:06

    This is a great read. Well written too compared to some books I'veread recently. In many ways you know there is going to be a specific type of outcome but nevertheless its a real page turner to see how the villain gets his comeuppance!! Only disappointing thing was the conclusion, dont want to give away the ending but I felt that there was abetter one that could have been used.

  • Starbuck
    2020-02-13 06:05

    Other reviewers have explained the basic premise and the plot - I'll just add that this is a well crafted story. The pacing is excellent and builds throughout the book, carve out some time to read the last 1/2 pretty much all in one chunk because you won't want to stop until you find out what happens. I think this will be a break-out book for Cavanagh - his earlier Eddie Flynn books are good, this one is really excellent.

  • truman0907
    2020-02-16 00:19

    All books by Steve Cavanagh have a good plot, an excellent dialog and they do not disappoint.Thirteen is superb, in the M. Connally manner of writing. I wish Mr. Cavanagh continues to delight us with such books.

  • GaryJS
    2020-01-30 05:11

    For the most part the book is well written. I liked the trial proceedings, investigation,. and forensics. However I felt the ending was too clever. Instead of leaving me satisfied I felt like I had been used. Maybe an epilog which gave a review and summary might have given the reader a more satisfying closure