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Shes your average twelve year old, except theres something about her thats unthinkable, and quite frankly, unexplainable.When a lone little girl is abandoned outside FBI headquarters, agent Abby Kanes investigation points to a human trafficking ringand something even worseFor a tense, disturbing thrill ride, pick up Suitcase Girl Book one in the Suitcase Girl Trilogy....

Title : Suitcase Girl: SG Trilogy Book 1 (Abby Kane FBI Thriller 7) (English Edition)
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Suitcase Girl: SG Trilogy Book 1 (Abby Kane FBI Thriller 7) (English Edition) Reviews

  • squirrelprincess
    2020-02-16 06:40

    Der Schreibstil zieht einen sofort mitten hinein in die Geschichte. Gute Unterhaltung garantiert, macht Lust auf mehr - sprich: die nächsten beiden Bände dieser Trilogie.Wetten, daß niemand das überraschende Ende vorhersagen kann? Spannung as its best!Ich habe das Buch vom Autor kostenfrei bekommen. Lesen und bewerten erfolgte vollkommen freiwillig.

  • wendyk55
    2020-02-07 22:32

    DON'T GE ME WRONG, liked the book...I DO NOT LIKE BEING EXTORTED TO BUY THE NEXT 1 OR THE NEXT 1. THAT SHOULD BE MY CHOICE AS A READER....not forced to buy it so I can find out what happens. I find authors that do that to be treating me, the reader, as a pocket book and nothing more.IF YOU WERE SO SURE OF YOU TALENT AND YOUR FINISHED author would not have to resort to ending the book mid thought so you are forced to go to the next 1....and by forced I mean in order to find out what happens, especially in a plot that contains a child. As a mother you want to know the outcome.So Mr. Hutchinson could have had an avid fan and someone who would read all of his books to someone that has asked Amazon to refund the unread Abby Kane books leading up to this trilogy. I will not buy any more of his books .Until authors start treating readers with more respect, I refuse to buy books from authors that continue to do this. There are LITERALLY 100S AND 100S OF BOOKS AVAILABLE TO EREADERS NOW WITHOUT HAVING TO SUPPORT AUTHORS THAT USE EXTORTION TO SELL THEIR NEXT BOOK.The story line was unique and the title catches you immediately, but it is the ending.AND BEWARE BECAUSE BOOK 2 ENDS WORSE...LITERALLY WITHOUT ANYTHING FOR THE READER AND YOU HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL SPRING TO HOPEFULLY GET AN ANSWER...UNLESS HE THEN TIES IT INTO HIS NEXT ABBY KANE BOOK.

  • Jeff
    2020-02-22 23:33

    I started this book knowing it was part of a trilogy. I did not know until nearing the end that the author had no intention of completing any story arc. There is no story here, just a big commercial for the next book. Mr. Hutchinson went to great effort to end the book on a cliff-hanger -- it's sad that he has so little confidence in his writing ability that he feels this was the only way to entice readers to read book two. I, for one, will absolutely NOT be a buyer for book two. I have no problem with books that are part of a series, as long as there is a satisfying completion to the story in each book. I'm on book 10 in the Harry Bosch series and have every intention of reading all 20 or so books to date in that series; book 24 in the Kay Scarpetta series; eagerly awaiting book 23 in the Jack Reacher series; book 25 in the Alex Cross series; and on and on with many more series. Repeat readers are developed through compelling stories, not "gotcha" cliff-hangers.

  • rf
    2020-02-19 22:20

    With their Chinese heritage, both agents would have been able to recognize that the girl was Chinese as opposed to being from some other Asian country. As a fluent Cantonese speaker, the most natural thing when the girl presented her background as a mystery would have been for the agents to speak to her in that dialect which would have been helpful in determining if the girl was from Hong Kong where Cantonese is commonly spoken. That Kane can’t understand why her mother in law spoke to the girl “in Chinese” is neither Understandable nor credible. I gave up.

  • Kassy
    2020-02-18 23:31

    I have been waiting quite awhile for the return of Abby Kane and Kyle Kang. They worked well together in the past. Now, they are FBI partners. Since this is a new phase for these characters, it is not necessary to have read the previous books, but you will want to. In this book the partners are intrigued when a young Chinese girl is left outside FBI headquarters in a suitcase. Oddly enough, the girl is very like Abby Kane. Although the case initially belongs to the San Francisco Police,they decide to investigate why anyone would abandon a child in that location, and why. Soon a connection is made to human trafficking and the story takes off in several directions.Hard to put down, you will enjoy this page turner.

  • Batman's Mistress
    2020-02-05 01:25

    This story read more like science fiction than anything else, and I found it hard to follow. The link between Kane and the little girl. The mysterious guy who "helped" the young girl. The reason/organization behind why she was made. I guess made is the correct word. I know there is another book coming that will hopefully answer questions left by this book, but it was so strange I would forget the plot and be even more confused by the time the other book is available.