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The Good Life Handbook is a rendering of Enchiridion in plain English It is a concise summary of the teachings of Epictetus, as transcribed and later summarized by his student Flavius Arrian The Handbook is a guide to the good life It answers the question, How can we be good and live free and happy, no matter what else is happening around us Ancient Stoics lived in a time of turmoil under difficult conditions So, the solutions they found to living free was tested under very stringent conditions For example, the author of this Handbook was a lame slave who made himself free and happy later in life by following the principles set out in this book....

Title : The Good Life Handbook: Epictetus' Stoic Classic Enchiridion (English Edition)
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The Good Life Handbook: Epictetus' Stoic Classic Enchiridion (English Edition) Reviews

  • John Kluempers
    2020-01-25 22:27

    This is a much-needed edition of Epictetus. It reads smoothly and is true to the original meaning. For someone relatively new to Stoicism, this is convenient.

  • JGar
    2020-02-10 22:24

    This is the third (or maybe fourth) translation of The Enchiridion that I've read, and it's definitely my favorite. It's rendered in modern English (really, it is), but retains the valuable and timeless content of some of the more antiquated and difficult translations. This is The Enchiridion updated, not reimagined. And it's free!As to The Enchiridion itself, it's a very practical (though frequently challenging) introduction to the ancient philosophy of Stoicism. The core message of this brief book is not to worry about things beyond your control, but much of Epictetus' advice may seem unsettling or unreasonable to the average reader. I will let you be the judge.

  • J. Lowry
    2020-01-21 00:44

    Having recently come into awareness of Stoicism one of the books I read was the Enchiridion of Epictetus, an excellent manual into the Stoic philosophy. That said the Good Life Handbook by Chuck Chakrapani takes that work, and brings it into the present day in a conversational English style that in my opinion makes it easy for anyone to understand.When I was a younger man I was given the book Think and Grow Rich to read, and I was a better man for it. I feel the same way about this book. I plan on purchasing several hard copies to give away, as the lessons taught are lessons this world sorely needs to learn.

  • Herman Kaljo
    2020-02-03 05:44

    First of all I would like to thank the author for making this simple excellent handbook of Epictetus' guiding principles available to other interested people such as myself for no cost. I think I have finally found my life's philosophy.After finishing some major works of Seneca I could really draw some parallels to the teachings of Epictetus.Considering making a large poster with all the chapters in it for daily reminder.All in all, a quick read that will resonate with you for a while.

  • john
    2020-01-23 00:29

    The version of the Enchiridion from The Stoic Gym is a great, accessible book that I always recommend to beginners who are maybe put off by scholarly translations of ancient texts.Having read multiple translations, from Elizabeth Carter to Robin Hard, I'll say that it's true to Epictetus' intended meaning. While at times I found it's overly simplified, there's nothing that perverted Epictetus' intentions.I look forward to the new one on Musonius Rufus. Musonius is often an neglected philosopher, and I believe part of that neglect is due to a lack of accessible translations.

  • Kindle Customer
    2020-01-24 23:38

    Epictetus' Enchirdion has probably been translated many times. Some translations are difficult to read, while others are not. This rendering of the the Enchirdion was a good introduction to Epictetus. The Discourses are a lot more challenging and probably give a more complete view of Epictetus' teaching.