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The values that built the west have been forgotten Instead, millennials have been raised to hold hedonism above all Whatever feels good goes Freedoms and rights are things for legislators and judges to conjure out of thin air, not precious traditions forged in the crucible of history Most millennials reject the nuclear family, and the religious values, that our culture was built on because they resemble some sort of unenlightened old world of responsibility and duty that millennials want no part in.In short, squaring the truth about the West with the twisted values theyve been brought up to swallow without complaint is not something that will be comfortable for many millennials But I think that if not now, eventually most of them will take the plunge Because deep down I think we know that what weve done is not empowering Abandoning all guidance of our past and embracing hedonism and subjectivity was not some genius idea Dismissing the guidance built for us over thousands and thousands of years in the form of gender roles, traditional lifestyles, hard work, objectivity, and cultural supremacy was, in fact, painfully stupid Because really, what have we got to show for it Nothing but infinite license to put who and what we want in our bodies, while our freedoms to speak, to think, to dream, and to build get limited every day Weve decided to fall backwards off the shoulders of giants, and that fall probably feels good, until you realize theres going to be a splat at the end So with the ground of reality rushing up at them, and young people are clawing for anything to stop their feelings of personal, ethical, political, intellectual and artistic failure And the rotted timber of progressivism is increasingly failing to break their fall So eventually, they turn elsewhere And so, a steadily increasing number of millennials are finally beginning to wake up to the choice we face as a civilization, and to the value theyve so long overlooked in traditional standards of morality and beauty They are wondering is modern culture really so great if it means we substitute Meghan Trainor for Mozart, Emma Sulkowicz for Da Vinci, or Bell Hooks for Plato Is it really such a step forward that our civilization, which once shed both blood and ink debating Martin Luthers 95 Theses, is now reduced to considering theses like VICE Magazines Dear Straight Guys Its Time to Start Putting Things In Your Butt Is this all there is, or can we do better No, it isnt, and yes, we can and must do better Sure, itll be hard for us to dig ourselves out of the pit that the left wing indoctrination and media machines has dug for everyone our age But its work worth doing Because right now, the world is on fire And while my generation didnt start the fire, with apologies to Billy Joel, I believe we have a chance to contain it, or even put it out But first we have to expose the frauds, liars, idiots, and above all, barbarians who threw gas on it So without further ado, lets get to naming those names....

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Barbarians: How The Baby Boomers, Immigration, and Islam Screwed my Generation (English Edition) Reviews

  • ian
    2020-02-08 05:35

    I am not an American so not so aware of today's problems in american society. But authoress made a lot of valid points in her expose and I admire her courage in originality to expose her views. I wholly support her opinions on a tremendous damage done by adherents od Frankfurt Marxist School on a western society in terms of respect for worths that are sacred to everyone with slightess christian mark. On the other side, we people from Europe have no right to blame anyone from our comfortable living rooms with high density TVs, second houses by the seaside and bathing on the beaches of mediterranean sea when a few miles away depraved and miserable people jump en masse from boats on the coast. So in this respect authoress failed to recognize inherent contadiction in her positions. As long as you have rich and luxuriant western comfort and abundance of individual rights and on the other side masses of poor people without food, shelter etc. you can not expect that in a global world ruled by smartphones these masses will not strave to reach that rich world.

  • Monika Kaufmann
    2020-01-31 03:19

    The author tells us she is fed up with our present societies and why. We don't respect our own values anymore but allow people to enter our countries who don't belong here. This has to change

    2020-02-01 09:23

    A quick and good read. Also has has the most entertaining footnotes. It goes trough the history, current times and solutions of the adressed issues.

  • Viktor Milev
    2020-02-02 08:21

    A very good summary of the current Western political landscape. Lauren's wit is only surpassed by her humor and courage.

  • Pepe Thölken
    2020-02-19 08:25

    Kaum zu glauben, dass die Autorin erst 21 Jahre alt ist, so beschreibt sie auf so clevere und humorvolleWeise was mit ihrer Generation nicht stimmt. Ein Buch für alle die eine Abwechslung zu der,von den Politikern und den Medien propagierten Meinung suchen und sich gerne eine eigene Meinung bilden.

  • Gauloises
    2020-02-16 10:37

    Sehr gutes, schlüssiges und durchaus aufschlussreiches Buch einer vernunftbegabten Autorin.Prägnant und locker werden hier Narrative zerpflückt, die in den MSM bereits als gängige Lehrmeinungenverbreitet werden.Empfehlenswert!

  • VvB
    2020-02-16 09:36

    Es wundert mich ernsthaft, dass dieses Buch in Deutschland noch nicht zensiert wurde. Southern und ihre Anhänger sind für mich persönlich ein wirklicher Hoffnungsträger - nicht alle Mitglieder der Generation Y sind zurückgebliebene Mitläufer.

  • Gatriel
    2020-02-09 05:16

    Lauren writes a clear book on the problems we millennials are facing due to politics our parents' generation (Baby Boomers) have implanted on us. Out of control social welfare programs, uncontrolled immigration and perhaps the most damning -- the idea of cultural relativism.In this book Lauren makes a clear case that some cultures are better than others. Well worth every penny. Es lohnt sich!