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In a world of people with powers, Sienna Nealon has long been the one who maintained the order But now she finds herself on the other end of the law, cast out and abandoned by her friends On the run, hunted by relentless and implacable foes, she will face her greatest challenge an enemy who holds a seat of power so great that even Sienna may not be able to stand up to him....

Title : Unyielding (Out of the Box Book 11) (English Edition)
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Unyielding (Out of the Box Book 11) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Raphaela Weiss
    2020-03-17 22:15

    I devoured this book! I liked it as much as I liked the other books of this series. GO SIENNA ;-)

  • OAH
    2020-03-16 22:46

    Book 10 almost made me quit this series, it was on Amazon recommendations that I bought book 11. It was back up to the standard of writing that I came to expect from this author. Although I may still end my interest in this series because it seems never ending, as I learned he plans on another 3 books. I feel that he is taking advantage of the reader, milking this to the bitter end which might be when all his readers are fed up with the never ending story.

  • s.h2ocasa
    2020-03-07 19:08

    What is it with villains and their desire to take over the world?Another nicely done set of battles with the forces/people vs. Sienna Nealon, meta human. The energy in this writing kept me motivated/excited and anxious to know what was happening in this book #11.I'm still appreciating this series and can't wait for the next adventure.Wow! Unyielding.....highly recommend.

  • Kindle Customer
    2020-03-27 01:59

    Great addition to the series. Sienna Nealon at her best. Very emotional and heart wrenching in places. I am eagerly awaiting the next story in this series. I hope to hear more about Reid in the next one. I would recommend this book to any reader who enjoys a good kick butt heroine and very humorous dialogue.

  • jarhead49
    2020-02-27 19:58

    I am hooked on Robert Crane. I have read all of his different series and keep waiting for the next one in any series. I do not see how the author can keep grinding these books out as quickly as he does. Does a good job giving background information like he has visited every place in the world. Always a good read and just when you think you have it figures out completely he throws in another wrinkle.

  • Gabriela Lavina
    2020-03-21 20:50

    Now this was what I was hoping for and more!After the ending of the previous book, which got me mostly confused and even a bit disappointed, this book managed to make sense out of everything and provide a great development to the story.And I must add, I'm glad to have Scott back as a great character again after the terrible, but understandable, personality he had been displaying on the previous books in the series.I'm looking forward to the next chapters in Sienna's story, it sure seems surprises will keep coming for the next books.