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Following the astonishing The Abyss Beyond Dreams, Night Without Stars is the epic second and final part to Peter F Hamilton s Chronicle of the Fallers The planet Bienvenido is in crisis It has finally escaped the Void, emerging into regular space But it s millions of light years from Commonwealth assistance, and humans are battling the Fallers for control of their world This rapacious adversary, evolved to destroy all sentient life, has infiltrated every level of human society hijacking unwilling bodies so its citizens fear their leaders, friends and family A mysterious figure known as the Warrior Angel leads a desperate resistance She s helped by forbidden Commonwealth technology, which gives her a crucial edge But the government obstructs the Angel s efforts at every turn, blinded by prejudice and technophobia As Fallers also prepare to attack from the skies, she might need to incite rebellion to fight this invasion But the odds seem impossible Then astronaut Ry Evine uncovers one last hope On a mission against the enemy, his spacecraft damages an unidentified vessel This crash lands on the planet, carrying unexpected cargo a baby This extraordinary Commonwealth child possesses knowledge that could save them all But if the Fallers catch her, the people of Bienvenido will not survive....

Title : Night Without Stars: Chronicle of the Fallers, Book 2
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Night Without Stars: Chronicle of the Fallers, Book 2 Reviews

  • Peter Glasmacher
    2020-02-25 10:41

    Night without Stars ist der in jeder Hinsicht lesenswerte Abschluss der nunmehr dritten Saga aus Hamiltons Commonwealth Universum. Ich habe das Buch wie fast alles von Hamilton in einem Rutsch ( okay, auch mal geschlafen) gelesen. bleibt nur die Hoffnung dass der vorliegende Band eben NICHT der endgültige Abschied von Paula Myo und Companions ist. Die Vielfalt und Farbigkeit des Commonwealth ist es wert, weiterentwickelt zu werden. Ansonsten, lesen muss das Buch jeder selbst. Aber es wird auf jeden Fall ein Lesevergnügen sein.Kleiner Seitenhieb: Im September kommt die deutsche Ausgabe auf den Markt: 'Das Dunkel der Sterne' . Was ist das nur für ein Titel? arghhhhhhh

  • Alexander Gouses
    2020-02-19 11:38

    keine Spoiler hier, lesen muss das Buch jeder selber. (oder das Hörbuch holen)Wieder einmal schafft es Hamilton den Leser zu fesseln und nicht mehr los zu lassen bis das Buch zu Ende ist.Natürlich muss man Teil 1 gelesen haben, macht ja keinen Sinn Teil 2 zu lesen und dann süchtig den ersten hinterher zu schmökern. Am besten jedoch vorher auch die anderen Bücher aus seinem Commonwealth Universum lesen um die vielen kleinen Anspielungen auf vergangene Zeiten genießen zu können.Ich kann es auf jeden Fall nicht erwarten bis er wieder etwas neues schreibt.

  • O. Buergler
    2020-02-02 08:48

    I loved reading the story and how it comes to an end. Well done :-D and I look forward to future and upcoming stories!

  • Nick Thomas
    2020-02-09 08:44

    Slow build up, good ending. If you likes the other ones, you'll like this one too. Maybe not the best in the series though.

  • None
    2020-02-26 05:33

    This book is among one of my Top 10 faves! It's even better than the Bunnicula books,especially since the characters are human. Maria was apprehensive about having heart surgery. Getting no information from doctors,friends,or family didn't help. She made new friends in the hospital. Although they told her to avoid a burn victim cruelly nicknamed Monster Man,she resisted peer pressure and befriended the boy. They both helped each other through their surgeries. Since I want to be a writer,Donald's poetry interested me. He coped with disaster the way many other ostracized teens would: by withdrawing and showing hostility. Only Maria cracked his tough shell of bitterness. The story behind this story(it's in the back of the book on the page about the author)is really touching. Enough waxing philosophical,now for the most important part: get this book.You won't regret it.

  • biocentric
    2020-02-08 07:50

    Peter Hamilton is a great Sci-Fi writer. I read the paperback edition but I really want the Slipcase Edition please.

  • None
    2020-02-22 09:27

    We think the book was absolutley the bomb. We enjoyed reading it and learning about Maria's problems. Everyone should read it.