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Title : The Third Screen: Marketing to Your Customers in a World Gone Mobile: How to Keep Up - and Soar Ahead - in the World of M-Commerce by Chuck Martin (2011-05-12)
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The Third Screen: Marketing to Your Customers in a World Gone Mobile: How to Keep Up - and Soar Ahead - in the World of M-Commerce by Chuck Martin (2011-05-12) Reviews

  • bernhard
    2020-02-10 09:14

    typisch us-amerikanische produktion. viel blabla ohne tiefgang. kein erkenntniswert. sicherlich keine handlungsanleitung. am liebsten würde ich das buch wieder zurückschicken - keine empfehlung!

  • Science Fiction and Business
    2020-01-26 07:15

    Some books capture the spirit of a marketing zeitgeist just as it begins to happen in full force. Seth Godin`s Permission Marketing and Charlene Li & Josh Bernoff's Groundswell were two such books. Chuck Martin's The Third Screen is arguably of the same caliber for the forthcoming mobile marketing revolution.Centered around the Untethered Consumer -- freed from the bondage of traditional marketing methods -- the book helps marketers capture the true nature of mobile media. It serves as a solid primer, going into the history of wireless communications, and explaining why businesses have so little control over mobile stakeholders. Basically, anytime a customer interacts with a business it is strictly on their terms. It is completely an opt-in experience.Martin's strength lies in his discussion of mobile platforms. His knowledge of operating systems, application usage, international usage and different types of mobile media (web, apps, texting) is universal.A pragmatic ongoing conversation in the book includes media usage patterns, and how people interact with their smartphones. Social media wonks maybe disappointed as interaction drops on the "third screen" (the first being TV, and the second is desktop computers). While interactions do occur on the phone, screen size and input methods change a person's interaction with online media.In addition, Martin uses significant case studies to illustrate his points, including a fantastic case study. In the case study, Martin details the thorough process the company went through to adapt mobile, including some a great research and listening phase. This case study alone is worth the price of the book, and could be run in Harvard Business Review (the magazine, not the blogs).The book was written in 2010 so there is little discussion of the now growing tablet boom, though Martin does pick up the topic here and there. Martin does a fantastic job of using market statistics to back up his theories and observations.Nitpicks include a slow start. The Third Screen`s introduction and first chapter were repetitive, and could stand for some editorial cuts. In addition, the Pepsi Refresh case study was very questionable based on the actual business results.However, don't let these small items dissuade you. From the perspective of an online marketer and a former wireless reporter, this book was impressive. The Third Screen is a fantastic primer on mobile, and is a must read for any interactive professional.

  • Michael GreenGold
    2020-01-19 04:14

    "The Third Screen:...Mobile" is a MustRead on how the age of the Smartphone / Mobile Devices,etc. are redefining the role of the consumer, clarifying what & how marketers must do more than Mass Ad & Hope!!!...We,as marketers,must interact on the client's / customer's terms!!!...Author, Mobile Evangelist & Authority - Chuck Martin & Team, etc. delivers, in ten,easy-to-read & understand Mobile chapters, about the Third Screen / Mobile Devices up from Television & Personal Computer!"The Third Screen:...Mobile" starts with an introduction - Mobile is Game Changing!!!...Ten Chapters follow...The Rise of the Untethered Consumer...Smartphones Rule...Real Time Moves to All the Time...Customer Engagement in a World Gone Mobile...There's an App for That: The New Broadcasting...On Location,On Location, On Location:LBM...The Finding: Search on Steroids...Social Goes Mobile...The Push-Pull of Mobile & Chapter 10...The New Laws of (Inbound) Mobile Marketing!!!"The Third Screen:...Mobile", per Author Chuck Martin, is & will have major global impacts over that of television and the personal computer but in the final analysis...It's Not About The Phone, It's About The Value!!!...The Mobile Evolution / Revolution is moving at the Speed of Now+++!!!...Strap In, Hold On, Use & Enjoy Mobile!!!...Carpe Diem / Seize The Day!!!...Michael!!!

  • Kindle Customer
    2020-02-13 08:06

    First the internet changed everything, then the mobile phone changed everything and then social media changed everything. Combine the three and one truly has a world gone mobile -- where 50% of the population has a computer in their hands or on their person all their waking hours. This is the world of The Third Screen. (The first being the TV, the second being the computer -- the third being your mobile.) And Chuck Martin has brought it to life with a a compendium of stories, examples and thoughts on what it all means, how it's being used by companies in marketing their products and services and who's at the cutting edge in technology in developing and exploiting this device. The books central thesis and information is all still very valid and relevant even with the customary lag in publishing. Mr. Martin's book is written in very easy to understand terms and is jargon free. And where he does use terms a layperson might not know, he explains them in a chart on a nearby page. I certainly added to my understanding of the mobile world by reading this book, and I am in the industry. As to what's next -- we'll have to wait for Mr. Martin's next book.

  • Brian Sun
    2020-02-17 05:56

    You'll learn from a dude who knows what he's talking about. At the risk of sounding like an ad, Chuck Martin spends his time thinking, reading, and breathing marketing to your customers in a world gone mobile. So you're in good hands if you read this book from the head of The Mobile Future Institute.You'll get the big picture. Like how mobile is game-changing, what on-the-go customers are like, what companies are doing to engage with them, location-based marketing, social media on mobile, and some general principles on doing mobile marketing.You'll be at the forefront of the next big thing. The stats are insane about how fast mobile is being adopted around the world. Mobile devices are changing the way people behave, buy, relate, interact, amongst a billion other things. The Third Screen will be a springboard for ideas of how you can be a forerunner in shaping how businesses interact with customers in a world gone mobile.A must read for marketers, mobile skeptics, and people who want to glimpse into the future.