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Wizard scouts are the elite, deep recon forces of the Intergalactic Empire They are a mix of technology and magic like abilities Richard, a cadet at the Intergalactic Wizard Scout Academy, is on assignment to retrieve a defecting scientist on a planet deep behind enemy lines In theory, it should be a simple in and out mission But as Richard learned long ago, nothing is ever simple With a deadly Crosioian scout hot on his trail, Richard soon finds himself stuck with a couple of super genius children who may hold a secret that could mean the salvation or destruction of three galaxies Between dodging plasma rounds from heavily ard Crosioian soldiers to battling werewolves, ogres, magic users and deadly dimension shifting cats the size of lions, Richard soon finds himself far outside his original mission parameters.Even with the help of his battle computer, Nickelo, the odds of Richard completing his mission and getting the children safely home is low Add in the interference of the mysterious entity known as the One along with an all too suave master demon, and the odds of survival decreases even rapidly Will Richards wizard scout training prevail, or is he doomed to fail His only hope may well be to find allies in the most unlikely of places Of course, a liberal sprinkling of luck wouldnt hurt either....

Title : Wizard Cadet (Intergalactic Wizard Scout Chronicles Book 2) (English Edition)
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Publisher : R K Publishing 7 September 2015
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Wizard Cadet (Intergalactic Wizard Scout Chronicles Book 2) (English Edition) Reviews

  • NiceCat
    2020-03-16 00:25

    Diese Serie (ich habe 2 bisher) ist gut geschrieben, die Story ist teils verrückt, teils totaler Standard.Jeder der Fantasy und SF mag wird sich hier wohl fühlen.Einziges Manko: Der Held ist ein Idiot. Er widerspricht Anweisungen oder Ratschlägen auf eine Weise, dass man ihn einfach für einen Idioten halten muss. Er wäre sicher kein Freund von mir, da ich ihn nie ernst nehmen könnte.Ich mag die Bücher, sie sind nicht große Story, nicht auf dem Niveau von "Honor Harrington" oder "Schooled in Magic", aber es ist gute Trivialliteratur, die man gerne liest.Es ist teils recht witzig, häufig mit Aktion.

  • Brian Swanson
    2020-03-14 21:12

    I wonder what audience the author is targeting. The first book was good. This one, not so much, and yes, like someone said in a previous review, it is mostly due to dialog. This is a story about a former force recon space marine who cross trained into being a wizard scout. The MC could care less if a couple of kids burn to death in a building when they aren't on mission, but heaven forbid he uses colorful language. Instead we are treated to drivel such as, and I quote "Wisebutt". This is supposed to be coming out of the mouth of a soldier who has killed people without remorse. Even worse, the MC appears to have become mentally handicapped since the first book. He can't think at all for the first half of the book, has to have every single detail of what's going on explained to him, and then whines about how hard it is to understand. I feel cheated. Please release the author from whatever politically correct holding facility he's being kept in and let him write for people over ten years old.

  • Gastón B.
    2020-04-01 17:32

    Excellent second book! The story keeps developing, some questions are answered and new ones appear. If you enjoyed the first one, you will love it.

  • Matthew R.
    2020-04-03 18:19

    Sometimes it takes me years to find a good series that I can't put down. This one has been a nice surprise. The author captures you interest and has developed a world that is both appealing and you feel a connection with the main protagonist. I can't stop reading, I keep putting off other books to keep reading

  • D. Ames
    2020-03-14 00:21

    I liked this book better than the first. The storyline jumps that were awkward in the first book are still there but they seem to work better. The back and forth between Rick and Nick is still a bit forced and could use some work to keep it interesting. Interesting blend of sci-fi and fantasy.

  • Kindle Customer
    2020-04-01 17:28

    Holy heck what an awesome book words do not describe it. I stayed up late to finish it and will be starting the next one