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Title : Microsoft Visual C# 2012 Step by Step (Step by Step Developer) by John Sharp (14-Jan-2013) Paperback
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Microsoft Visual C# 2012 Step by Step (Step by Step Developer) by John Sharp (14-Jan-2013) Paperback Reviews

  • Christmann, Christine
    2019-11-01 21:56

    Nicht mein erstes C# Buch über .NET 4.5. Aber die praktische Erschließung der Neuerungen in .NET 4.5 hat mir sehr dabei weitergeholfen die Konzepte zu verinnerlichen. Zumal oftmals an dem gleichen Programmierprojekt über mehrere Kapitel gearbeitet wurde. Sehr gut für Anwender welche neben der Theorie auch viel Praxis benötigen.Anmerkung zu C# Zertifizierung (70-483).Wer sich auf die C# Zertifizierung von Microsoft vorbereitet sollte (immerhin verweist Microsoft in vielen Quellen auch auf dieses Buch) sollte unbedingt darauf achten, dass in diesem Buch nicht alles abgedeckt wird, was prüfungsrelevant ist. Vor allem Instrumentalisierung wie z.B. Performance-Counter kommt nicht vor. Deswegen unbedingt zusätzlich die Themenliste zur Zertifizierung von Microsoft anhaken ;-).Gruss Christine

  • W. D. Smith
    2019-10-21 21:42

    This book is about building Windows Store Apps for Windows 8. It's not about learning C# for more general purposes. Avoid this book if you wish to write code for Windows 7, Vista or general support for .NET 4 & 4.5, or if your goal is web development. When it comes to covering important topics like multi-threading, Async methods, Data Binding, and database, those chapters limit themselves to full screen Windows 8 apps. If your goal is to do something useful with C#, like file I/O, Graphics, Security, Networking, etc., this book doesn't touch those subjects. My goal was web development. Since C# is grabbing the attention of the web development community I assumed this book would having something to say about it.... not a word. The word 'web' can't even be found in the index. The Web templates that come with Visual Studio are ignored. If you can limit your users to Windows 8 or are willing to limit your market to full screen Windows 8, then this book might help. I'm very disappointed in this book.

  • J. Kerr
    2019-11-09 00:47

    I purchased this to teach myself Visual C#. I have developed using many languages, but never C.The book is well organized, building from basic concepts with increasing complexity, using simple, but effective examples. I can tell that the author thought out the overall plan on how to build reader knowledge. I would compare it to solving a puzzle starting from one corner and adding piece by piece.The only shortcoming I see, is one that I feel is missing from any books of this type that I have come across. I think it would be more helpful if the examples gradually created a working system, however basic. For example, it could create a simple inventory management system. The reader would not have to build the whole thing, just use the examples to fill in the holes/complete the puzzle that was already started.My 2 cents.

  • Kathryn Hazuka
    2019-11-10 02:48

    This is defiantly one of the best books to use for learning of C#, and a great starter no matter how much you know previously.It says its for people that are previously acquainted with another language, but believe me when i say, from experience, that its is THE BEST STARTING BOOK you can get. It skips all the bs most books will put in, and once you know something well, it does not elaborate on it anymore. The book is very well adopted in the learning curve, and will tell you what you need at all times.One of the best things about this book is that later on in the chapters, once you get past basics and can program some smaller decent programs, the book becomes more of a collection of usable code that it explains, like a dictionary for code :DI was rly surprised what i got for 25$ (price at the time of purchase).I defiantly recommend this book to ANYONE WHO WANTS TO PROGRAM IN C#, REGARDLESS OF YOUR PREVIOUS PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE!!

  • Jeremy R.
    2019-11-15 03:08

    I was looking at changing my programming language of choice from Visual Basic, and to learn more about .NET in general. Mainly I write small API apps for other software, so nothing too complicated. My previous experience with VB was enough to be dangerous, but this book really helped me understand a lot of concepts easily that I either never fully grasped, or flat out didn't know about. Understanding the difference between Stack and Heap resources using Value Types and Reference types finally made complete sense to me. The same holds true for the explanation of interfaces, something I never quite could see the full value of, and their place in my own code.I am ultimately going to stick with Visual Basic for the speed in which I can write code in Visual Studio (auto complete features), but this book has been a valuable resource for understanding .NET concepts in any language, which most books fail to do. I will also be able to make much better sense of code I find online as well using this knowledge. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn about .NET, Object Oriented Programming in general for this reason.

  • BW
    2019-11-03 00:59

    The book is in great detail. The author explains everything clearly. The language is clearly laid out, and it easy for me, as a Chinese student, to read. I am not a CS major, but I just enjoy reading this book. I watched youtube tutorials on C#, but I think to read this book can offer a more systematic knowledge.So I am reading it and making great progress on C#.Thanks to the writer, who make learning C# this simple!