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USA Today bestseller New Adult Contemporary Romance From USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Jo Raven comes the fifth installment in the Inked Brotherhood series which began with ASHER His name is Rafaele Vestri, Rafe to his friends.Hes tall, strong, handsome Distant He often comes to the coffee shop where I work, but we dont talk much He looks at me, though Stares at me, his gaze heated, and I cant help but stare back I want him, I wont deny it Ive never seen anyone that beautiful, anyone that powerful, in my life.But hes growing withdrawn by the day Somethings up, and he wont tell I know about his pastthe murder of his family when he was fifteen I can imagine how much it must have cost him So much violence contained in that strong body, waiting to be unleashed What is he seeking What is he training so hard for Why is he looking at me like hes dying to touch me, but wont dare Even as I try to stop thinking about him, get interested in other boys, I realize I cant Im caught, body and soul, just like that And I tell myself, Megan, girl What have you gotten yourself into this time Standalone novel No cliffhanger Warning Mature readers only Not intended for young readers NOTE If you want to read Raylin s story then grab STORM Brotherhood Series Five boys brought together by fate Five young men trying to overcome their troubled pasts Five tattoos marking them as a brotherhood built on tragedy Will they find understanding and rise above the pain Five girls tied by friendship Five young women fighting their own demons Five lives laced with sorrow Will they be strong enough to save the men they love and make them happy The series comprises five interconnected, stand alone novels Asher, Tyler, Zane, Dylan and Rafe.Kiss me Goodbye, a short prequel to ASHER, is FREE...

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Rafe (Inked Brotherhood 5): Inked Boys (English Edition) Reviews

  • jurephi
    2020-03-07 22:27

    Zum Inhalt:"Rafe" ist das 5. Buch der "Inked Brotherhood" Serie, eine Serie, die sich um 5 ganz unterschiedliche junge Männer dreht, die alle eine Sache zusammengebracht hat: eine gewalttätige, unschöne, bittere Kindheit. Sie leben und arbeiten rund um ihren eigenen Tattooshop, den Rafe von seiner Tante als "Rettungsanker" vermietet bekommen hat, als er kein anderes Lebensziel mehr hatte als Rache, Schmerz und Selbstaufgabe. Denn vor 4 Jahren war er der einzige, der die Ermordung seiner Familie überlebt hatte. Seit diesem Tag gibt er sich die Schuld, lässt kein Glück in seinem Leben zu und versagt es sich sogar, die Kellnerin Megan näher kennen zu lernen, himmelt sie statt dessen aus der Ferne an, wacht über sie und sorgt dafür, dass sie sicher ist. Aber das Schicksal meint ihm wieder und wieder zeigen zu müssen, dass es mehr gibt im Leben als Verzicht, Aufopferung und Schmerz!Mein Fazit:Zunächst: ja, ich weiß, insgesamt ist die Geschichte der 5 Jungs mit so viel Ballast eher unwahrscheinlich, aber ich finde, sie funktioniert gut :-)Rafe ist in meinen Augen der "dunkelste" Band dieser Reihe, in der der Protagonist mit vielen seiner Dämonen kämpfen muss. Aber es ist auch eine Geschichte über Freundschaft, Schicksal und Liebe, die zeigt, dass es im Leben nicht nur Rache und Vergeltung gehen kann, dass ein Mensch, der in der Lage ist, sich und der Welt zu vergeben, sein Leben und seine Einstellung zum Leben zu ändern. Sie zeigt, dass "Familie" sich nicht nur durch Blut sondern vor allem durch Nähe und Vertrauen auszeichnet. Sie zeigt, dass man sich verändern kann, wenn man einen Grund hat, zu leben, zu kämpfen, weiterzumachen…Wie nicht anders zu erwarten, (und wenn man ehrlich ist, man will man ja ein happy end) lösen sich zum Schluss alle Knoten und machen die Geschichte damit zu einem modernen Märchen, in dem die starke, tapfere Prinzessin es schafft, ihren Prinzen aus seinem selbstgeschaffenen Gefängnis zu befreien!

  • Sam
    2020-03-07 21:18

    Rafe ... for some reason I think of him as the angel of the brotherhood. You know, one of those absoluitely magnificent beings, beautiful beyond saying and still so brokbe, they could tear down worlds. The Inked Brotherhood ended for me with the strongest books. I loved all the ones before, too, but Dylan and Rafe? Yeah, my favorite boys. If I could, I'd grab them and hold onto them, but let's face it, cuddling up with a book just ain't the same. ;-)Never once have I regretted starting this series, and I think it's something baout the way Jo Raven's characters are so imperfectly perfect that just makes me sigh all the time. Perfect job, Miss Raven. You did amazing.

  • Amazon Customer
    2020-03-03 20:19

    First I want to say that I liked the other books in this series but not this one. Pet peeve- Sentences that are not complete. Like - I want to be with you. Is written as .... want to be with you. It was through out the book and both the H and h spoke like that. I can understand if one of them does it but not both. You need to separate the way they speak to make them their own character. Okay now for the content review. I did not finish the book before writing this. I was at 94%, almost done but didn't care enough to finish. That's not something I ever do. I wanted to like them together but really there was no interaction really between them. It was mostly inner dialogue, which I HATE! A little is fine but it gets so boring. It has taken me 3 days to try and read this book. I even stopped and read another book before coming back to it. The mafia story with the illegal underground fighting and her mother's ex getting out of prison and coming after her, all while he is finding the man that murdered his family but left him alive..... and no one ever goes to the police. Just unbelievable how many times this is written and it is just dumb. Ugh. I truly hope others find good in this one where I could not.

  • BWH
    2020-03-01 23:20

    What happens when two people with life-defining backgrounds meet? A lot of drama with love thrown in.Megan is relatively new to town but has an eye on Rafe. He's the silent but oh so beautiful drummer for the band and also co-owns the tattoo shop. She's interested but he keeps himself apart from her. Probably for the best considering she's also running from a past and she's constantly afraid that the past will catch her.Rafe loves everything about Megan from her brown eyes to her caramel skin but he's too broken. All he wants is revenge for his families murder and he's not sure if there is room in his heart for love, even with someone as amazing Megan.How the get to their HEA is a wild ride. This is my first book by this author and the one challenge I had was with the sentence structure. Some sentences were cut short, started funny and sounded strange to me as I was reading. Is this nitpicking? Maybe but it did take away from my enjoyment of the story.

  • Amazon Customer
    2020-03-21 01:23

    The fifth installment of the series is Rafe's story. Rafe is the co-owner of the tattoo shop Damage Control. He was introduced in the earlier books, but very little information was shared about him. As with the other Inked Brotherhood bad boys, Rafe has a dark, traumatic back story which still haunts him. His family was killed in front of him, and the murderer was never caught. He's found it impossible to truly move on with his life. He doesn't let anyone get too close emotionally, including his "brothers" of the Inked Brotherhood. He's very attracted to Megan, who works at a nearby coffee shop, but doesn't want to pursue her because of his past. Megan doesn't know why Rafe continually runs hot, then cold with her, but she also has demons from the past that are still affecting her. The love that develops between them heals them both, especially Rafe, who's holding so much pain inside.

  • Sara Reinert
    2020-02-29 20:28

    I absolutely love Jo Raven, she is one of my favorite authors. I started by reading Candy Boys (my absolute favorite MMF book) and for some unknown reason took a long time to move onto this series. Having said that, this series is AMAZING! I can't say enough how I adore these boys and the women they come to love. Each character is suffering, yet so strong at the same time. I love the brotherhood and the I'll have your back no matter what mentality. I binge read this series in 2 days and am now starting on Damage Boyz. Desperately hoping there is a Lost Boys series coming too!Rafe is my favorite of the series. Something about him just pulls me in, and I love Meg. I think what I like the most about all of the boys is that they are so sweet and compassionate to the people they love in spite of what's happened to them. They don't let their demons destroy their goodness.

  • Carrie Marie
    2020-03-06 23:26

    Rafe & Meg's story is a rough one. They both have a lot of darkness in their pasts. They have a connection and attraction for each other that is really sweet - even tho they try to fight it, which is really annoying! ; )This is the last book in the Inked Brotherhood series (which I didn't realize when I started it). I felt a little disconnected from the story at first - not, I think, because of that, but more because there is a LOT of internal dialogue going on w/ our characters before they finally get together. It just dragged that beginning out a little too much for my liking.Still, VERY good story & well written. I would recommend reading the other books in the series first, because it's a bit of a wrap-up story for the other characters as well as Rafe & Meg's story, but I don't think you would HAVE to read the others to understand this one. : )