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Since the debut of Fatal Affair in 2010, Fatal Series readers have been wondering about that memorable one night stand between Sam Holland and Nick Cappuano that took place six years before Fatal Affair opens Well, wonder no One Night With You tells the story of Sam and Nicks fateful first meeting in which all the chemistry and heat we have come to expect from them is on full display from the first moments they meet Get all the details of Sam and Nicks unforgettable night together in this 14,000 word novella You might want to keep a fan and some ice water handy, because this story is H O T...

Title : One Night With You: A Fatal Series Prequel Novella (The Fatal Series Book 0) (English Edition)
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Publisher : HTJB, Inc 2 Juni 2015
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One Night With You: A Fatal Series Prequel Novella (The Fatal Series Book 0) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Yasi
    2020-02-27 04:28

    Ich habe Marie Force erst nach dem Kauf meines Kindle kenengelernt.Ich mag ihre Fatal-Serie sehr weil sie sehr sensuel und erotisch und BESSER sind als Romane dieses Genres weiche ich gelesen habe.!!!

  • Peter Engler
    2020-03-02 05:16

    Nicht schlecht, hatte mir mehr ein wenig mehr erwartet. Aber trotzdem doch sehr unterhaltsam und spannend geschrieben! Vielleicht demnächst wieder!?

  • Franzi
    2020-03-17 04:15

    Lustig was aus einem verunglückten Partydrink alles werden kann. Sams und Nicks erster Zusammenprall - unerwartet - atemberaubend - heiß und natürlich dramatisch, da sie sich erst nach Jahren wieder sehen.

  • Delia Binder
    2020-03-21 04:17

    Essentially, it fills in the backstory of Samantha Holland and Nick Cappuano's...memorable One Night Stand, which gets mentioned repeatedly in the series itself. It lets you see Sam as a young detective moonlighting to pay off her college loans, her father Skip before the shooting that left him quadriplegic, and get a quick glimpse of her life living in an apartment with three guys as roommates, including her later first husband Peter (who doesn't seem like such a bad guy here, as opposed to the outright possessive crazy he was in the other books!).As a short sexually explicit romance, it's really good - and author Marie Force leaves it at a very satisfying intimate night between Sam and Nick, with both believing there will be plenty more in their near future. (Readers of the series know this is not to be for at least another six years.) I enjoyed it a lot more than I've enjoyed most of the books in the series - I think you will, too.

  • Susan1
    2020-02-27 01:30

    I started the book and after just a few pages, I thought about not reading any more. I knew what was going to happen and I just didn't want to read about the bad know, the poor marriage choice made by Samantha! But, thank you, Marie Force, you didn't write about that. This book is about 2 people who meet each other, but don't really realize they are soulmates.....after all, this Novella is about only one night in the lives of Nick and Sam. If you haven't read the "Fatal Series" start with this book and read all the rest. If you have read and loved this 9 book series (so far) you definitely want to read about Nick and Sam's initial meeting in this Prequel. So hot!

  • Amazon Customer
    2020-03-19 05:27

    Excellent prequel. I have read each of the "Fatal" series books twice because I love them so much. I suggest you read "Fatal Affair" before you read the prequel. "Fatal Affair" will make you curious, and the prequel will answer the questions you had. But, you can also read the prequel before Fatal Affair and it'd be an ok approach. It's just that the prequel was written a few books into the "Fatal" series. I like the series so much that I always pre-order the next book that's on its way.

  • Voracious Reader
    2020-03-06 07:22

    I like to live dangerously, so I dove in full force with The Fatal Series, buying every available title. You'd have to live under a rock to have not heard of Marie Force. Although I didn't technically live under a rock, I apparently vacationed there, because I'd never actually read one of her books until today - a day that will forever be known as the day I ignored my family because my book was so much more important. Sam and Nick got ahold of me and wouldn't let go! Did I mention that I went back and bought all the books in this series and several other books written by this author? So what if there's no gas in the car; I can walk everywhere, right? She doesn't know it yet, but she maybe stuck with me for life. This book was that good! What else can I say that won't make me sound like a crazed lunatic? Not much so I better quit while I'm ahead. Buy this book!

  • Susan D
    2020-03-05 00:16

    The Fatal Series by Marie Force is definitely one the best series I have ever read. I loved reading this prequel. We have heard so much about this night in the other books, and I knew it would be one hot night, but it was even hotter than I expected. Yes, you really might need a fan when you read this one. As we have come to expect from Nick and Sam, the witty comments are alive and well in this one too. Even if you haven't been keeping up with this series, you can still read and enjoy this novella as a standalone, but I would bet you that after reading this, you will want to read the whole series.