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Unchecked urbanization has begun to eclipse the North Carolina countryside As farms give way to shoddy mansions, farmers struggle to slow the rampant growth.In the shadows, corrupt county commissioners use their political leverage to make profitable deals with new developers A murder will pull Judge Deborah Knott and Sheriff s Deputy Dwight Bryant into the middle of this bitter dispute and force them to confront some dark realities....

Title : Death's Half Acre (Deborah Knott Book 14) (English Edition)
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Death's Half Acre (Deborah Knott Book 14) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Donald Mitchell
    2020-03-14 21:09

    "And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter." -- Isaiah 59:14Death's Half Acre is as much social satire as it is a murder mystery, and the social satire is better written than the mystery. If you can forget about the mystery, you'll probably like the book better than I did. I thought that the mystery was a bit too easy to solve and much of the plot development was too predictable.But there are plenty of scenes to entertain you, beginning with a most unexpected one in church. As usual, the good ole boys don't have much trouble dealing with the newcomers. Deborah also holds her own in some Solomon-like justice for those in her court. Deborah's father is at his secretive best . . . in dealing with what needs to be resolved.The book is steeped in charm and nostalgia for an earlier, simpler South. If you yearn for those days in North Carolina, Death's Half Acre will be like a vacation into your past.

  • Miz Ellen
    2020-03-18 19:01

    Real estate is at the heart of this novel, the 14th in the Deborah Knott series. Like other places in the South, Margaret Maron's fictional Colleton County has enjoyed/suffered a real estate boom bringing new suburb into direct conflict with the old way of life in the rural South. Judge Deborah Knott sees these conflicts play out in her courtroom every working day.Candace Bradshaw was trailer park trash but she married old money and has parlayed a cleaning service into wealth. Separated from her much older husband and former boss, she's been sleeping her way into political influence and a seat on the planning commission. No one quite believes it when she's found dead, an apparent suicide, but the note in her handwriting implies that she's been taking kickbacks from developers and everyone can believe that!Deborah is also bothered over the death of the editor to the local paper. He was a victim of a hit-and-run accident months ago, and the police were unable to trace the car. Since then, the local paper has lost its investigative and muckraking edge. Deborah's also worried by her father's strange behavior. Where did he get the jewelry he was showing in the pawn shop?The one weakness in this book is that we get less of Deborah's first-person narrative. This is because Maron is being fair to the reader, and telling us what Deborah doesn't know. Now what Deborah doesn't find out won't hurt her, but it makes the reader laugh out loud.

  • egreetham
    2020-03-20 00:23

    A likable, if not stellar, entry in Margaret Maron's Deborah Knott series. Definitely worth reading more for the atmosphere than for the predictable plot--the conflict between Colleton county natives and the ever-multiplying newcomers is intersting and colorful. But the poetic epigrams at the chapter heads were of irritatingly poor quality, Deborah's eternal imprudence at the climax of these stories continues to strain the reader's belief, and the tales of corruption just plod along. I hope the next Deborah Knott novel is back on track. If you haven't ready any as yet, consider the wonderful first of the series: "Bootlegger's Daughter."Kindle readers: note that Kindle skips a short introductory portion, and goes directly to Chapter 1. The skipped part is important, so it's worth going back.

  • Fred Camfield
    2020-03-16 03:26

    This is an interesting, well written novel, but the plot wanders a bit. It is basically about greed, influence peddling, etc. The book opens with a scene in a church where a fundamentalist preacher demands the subjugation and absolute obedience of women. That is a side plot as the story finally gets into the main plot of political conniving by developers. There are some people who never forget a past wrong, but sometimes it depends on whose ox is getting gored, and a common purpose can sometimes make strange bedfellows.Some parts of the plot may seem a bit predictable, but some parts are surprising. You do get into modern times involving such things as laptop computers and flash drives, and into modern forensic techniques. Human nature, on the other hand, has not changed much.

  • Lynda Ring-Erickson
    2020-03-22 02:11

    This is another installment in a very good series. This another complex plot with characters we have come to know. In addition to a great story we get another look into the south. I do recommend these books be read in order. I am not sure how interesting this book would be without the character development from previous installments.

  • JEBar
    2020-03-09 01:12

    I am a huge fan of Margaret Maron's Knott books. I think part of it may be that the setting is where I live in NC. But the main part is I cannot figure out the ending before I get there which I can usually do with other mysteries. I make it a point to get book in the series when it comes out.