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When a British heir hunter fails to return home after a trip to Malm, Inspector Anita Sundstrm doesnt want to get entangled in a simple missing persons case She shows a similar reluctance when her ex husband begs her to find his girlfriend, who seems to have disappeared But when the mysteries take a sinister turn, Sundstrm finds herself inextricably involved in both baffling affairs, one of which seems to be connected to a robbery that took place twenty years earlier As the cases begin to unravel, tragedy awaits the investigating team in the third Anita Sundstrm Malm mystery....

Title : Missing in Malmö: The third Inspector Anita Sundström mystery (Inspector Anita Sundström Mysteries Book 3) (English Edition)
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Format Type : Hardcover
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Publisher : Torquil MacLeod Books 29 November 2013
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Missing in Malmö: The third Inspector Anita Sundström mystery (Inspector Anita Sundström Mysteries Book 3) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Heidemarie Puntschuh
    2020-02-16 09:40

    Auch das dritte Buch war wiederum hervorragend. Alle drei empfand ich als erstklassig. Die Akteure sind sehr gut geschildert. Besonders gefällt mir dabei auch deren Familienleben. So etwas gibt es z.B. in deutschen TV-Krimis überhaupt nicht. Da sind alle handelnden Personen asexuell. Zum Inhalt: meist laufen 2 Geschichten parallel. Eine in Schweden, die zweite in England. Allein schon die Verbindung beider herzustellen ist schon toll. Der Schluss des dritten Buches war für mich sensationell! Alle drei absolut empfehlenswert, allerdings sollte man bei Nr. 1 beginnen, da ständig Bezüge dazu hergestellt werden.

  • Donald Lomas
    2020-02-09 12:35

    Although written by a Scott, this 'Crimi' has all the nuances of the classic Scandinavian crime novels. Good bed-time reading, no sleepless nights!Nice follow-up to the previous 'Anita Sundström' novel.

  • zsuzsanna22
    2020-02-03 08:50

    I read all of the first three Malmo books in order. As expected, they do get better, particularly the writing. But I have had enough of them now as they are what I would consider "detective light" and so just not engaging or challenging enough. I like the occasional detective story and I particularly like a series so I can live with the characters as familiar friends from one book to the next. There is an element of that in this series but the only character that we get any real feel for is the main one, Anita Sundstrom. All the rest, even though they reappear through all three books, they remain as cardboard cutouts without any depth. But the one thing that I found the most disappointing is how predictable it all is. In each and every case, in all three books, I always knew what was coming and the identity of the killer or killers. Even the big twist at the end of book 1 was no surprise. I like my detective books to keep me guessing and to really surprise me along the way but no surprises here. I also found the way that MacLeod ends his books to be really strange - just very abrupt with no wrap up or sense of closure.However, on the plus side, the books do move along and the writing is engaging enough to keep me going with it, good enough to get through three in a row. That's why I gave it 3 stars. For those of you that prefer better writing and more engaging characters in your detective fiction, try Louise Penny's books. If you want something of beach read quality, you might like these.

  • S. Warfield
    2020-02-02 10:46

    I'm a real fan of Torquil MacLeod's Inspector Anita Sundstrom Mystery series and I just wish he had continued past # 4. However, I've found that each one gets better and the writing improves with each installment. In this third novel, Anita finds herself with a double dose of missing people, one of whom is a man who searches for heirs of people who have died in order to distribute estates and to get his share for chasing them down. The other one is closer to home when her ex-husband comes calling for her help in a missing girlfriend case.This is a mystery with twists that also has a few parts that go back to some events in Anita's past. I like Anita's character because she has a lot of the everyday problems that a lot of us have. Her car is old and a mess inside, it's hard for her to balance work and motherhood as well as dealing with a child who is nearly grown who she knows will leave the nest, and dealing with a male population at work.MacLeod uses very abrupt endings in this series, but they tend to lead into the next book and somewhere in the next is a continuation of that very abrupt ending. I enjoyed these so much that I read all four one after the other. I'm still hoping for # 5.Learning more about Sweden and the likes and dislikes of its society is another plus in these novels.

  • mysteryfan
    2020-02-04 14:25

    I have now read three of the MALMO books. The first was a clear disappointment and I said as much in a review. Since I had already purchased the remaining two mysteries, I continued reading with scant hopes of becoming more of a fan. Imagine my surprise when the third of the series turned out to be a complete winner and paid off for all the time invested in the first two books.Once again, the protagonist is not totally likeable and often the reader is left disappointed in her actions and how she lives her life. Her fellow police officers, now well known to those who have gotten through the first two books, are still stuck in their easily identifiable patterns. Once again, the author builds until the very end and the resolution is well worth the wait.The story includes a British component, as did the first two tales. All in all, worth the wait, even though I did not know I was waiting.

  • Eliza Bennett
    2020-02-03 10:31

    This series is easy to read with great character development. I love the main character, she is flawed in that she sees the good in people, maybe too often. I enjoyed all the books in this series. They author does a good job of describing the landscape in and around Malmo so that you feel like you are there.Too often I think female detectives are depicted as too quirky or they have a loving husband, etc., etc. and end up being boring or predictable. This character seems very real, she's conflicted, she's honest, and sometimes she is dishonest, but for reasons you understand. Love the character and the translation of the author's writing. I'm looking forward to the next installment in this series.

  • Coral Newton
    2020-01-31 07:32

    Torquil MacLeod is a good writer and with this, his third in the Malmo series, he is back to top form.His heroine, Detective Anita Sundstrom, is on a case, looking for a man who had come to Malmo and then disappeared. His frantic wife explains that he was seeking a missing person. He had expected a big pay off but his wife knew no details of his case and wasn`t able to give much detail.All of the usual characters are in the book. Her overweight and bad tempered boss, Chief Inspector Moberg, her hardworking and reliable young assistant Hakim, and the hated, supercilious, Karl Westermark.Part of the story is set in Scotland which Anita visits and where she gets a deal of help from a local detective.As usual, this is an easy read and a very good one. Thoroughly recommended.