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A boy.A girl.A missed opportunity.No matter how much she studies, Ellie Glass cant prepare for every aspect of life A fact she realizes after a chance encounter with a young musician leaves her scrambling to form coherent sentences Scruffy, long haired, and undeniably sexy, Ben is the exact opposite of her type So why is it that Ellie cant stop thinking about him When fate intervenes and the two are thrown together for a second time, Ellie gets than she bargained for With the help of her friends and a newfound romance, she begins to redefine herself and realize that happiness isnt something you can plan for.This is the sweet story of an undeniable attraction, the choices that we make, and ultimately, the unexpected power of love Previously released under the title ON AN EDGE OF GLASS...

Title : Glass Hearts (English Edition)
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Language : Englisch
Publisher : Llama Drama Publishing 3 April 2013
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Glass Hearts (English Edition) Reviews

  • Kerstin_ps
    2020-03-13 00:53

    Ellie lebt mit ihren drei Freundinnen zusammen in einem Haus nahe der Schule.Sie konzentriert sich voll und ganz auf eine bevorstehende Prüfung, die ihr den Weg zur Columbi Uni für ihr Jura Studium ebnen soll. Männer haben da gar keinen Platz.Bis auf den Tag, an dem sie in einem Coffeeshop einen jungen Mann kennenlernt. Auf den ersten Blick gar nicht ihr Typ, stellt sie beim zweiten Blick fest, dass er sie komplett einnimmt. Ehe sie die Chance hat, Kontaktdaten mit ihm auszutauschen, ist er plötzlich weg.Sie ist darüber zuerst enttäuscht, verdrängt aber den Gedanken an den Mann. Umso überraschender, als er sich als der neue Mitbewohner herausstellt, der eine Mitbewohnerin ersetzt, die unvermittelt ausgezogen ist.Die drei verbliebenen hatten beraten und beschlossen, dass man ausnahmsweise einem männlichem Mitbewohner die Chance geben möchte, bei ihnen einzuziehen - unter der Voraussetzung, dass keine den Mann anmacht. Er ist off Limits.Dieses Versprechen und ihre bevorstehende Prüfung bringen Ellie in ein Dilemma, fühlt sie sich doch sehr stark zu ihm, Ben Hamilton, hingezogen.Ben ist Musiker und spielt Cello in einem Symphonieorchester, studiert und ist nebenbei noch in einer Alternative Rockband. Zudem frisch von seiner Freundin getrennt, die ihn betrogen hat. Ein weiterer Grund, die Hände von ihm zu lassen - sagt der Verstand. Ellies Herz sagt aber was Anderes und so kommen sich die Beiden sehr nahe, verheimlichen ihre Beziehung aber vor ihren Freunden.Obwohl Ben wirklich grossartig ist, man merkt, wie sehr er Ellie mag, ja vielleicht sogar liebt, beschliesst sie, vermeintlich aus pragmatischen Gründen ("besser gleich Schluss machen, ehe man sich gegenseitig verletzt"') die Beziehung zu beenden.Und da möchte man Ellie wirklich schütteln und ihr mal sanft auf den Kopf schlagen. Die Gründe, warum sie Ben brüskiert & verletzt, sind wirklich haarsträubend, teilweise fast schon infantil.Dass Ben hier Geduld zeigt und nach wie vor an Ellie festhält, erstaunlich.Der Mann ist wirklich fantastisch mit grossem Herz, fantasie- und liebevoll, der am Ende sogar seine berufliche Zukunft für die Beziehung aufs Spiel setzt - etwas, dass Ellie nicht tut, ihr ist beruflich ihr Ausgangsziel am Wichtigsten. Zudem ist sie teilweise echt ein gefühlskaltes Miststück. Beruflicher Erfolg hin oder her, absichtlich Jemand zu verletzen, nein, nicht akzeptabel ..Sehr flüssig zu lesen, unterhaltsam, absehbar mit 2 realistischen Charakteren, Ben ist einfach yummy... seuftz.. Und Ellies schwuler Freund ist sowieso der Knaller !

  • fishbone
    2020-02-28 00:11

    The story about the diligent student who overplans her life, conservative to boot and the musician might be a bit cliché and foreseeable, BUT- and the BUT is what counts: Autumn has a way with writing that makes you discover reading afresh! She hardly needs to use comparisons like "I felt as if....." and then you ge a more or less original picture to get you to feel the author's mood. No, she does it just by choosing her words to describe simpe actions. Example: he grabs her hand and offers me the most angelic smile that a demon spawn can muster." Or:" Ainsley has a penchant for pink and moves in the sorority circuit". Classic, isn't it? 12 words to describe a person so your ind starts to run the picture. I am in awe. I wish I could write like that. Autumn- you're wonderful, and this story even has a matching nicely developing plot to go with it. So 5 hearts/stars/house points for you, well deserved!!

  • TB Reads
    2020-03-06 18:55

    I really enjoyed On an Edge of Glass. It was an easy read that tells a simple and somewhat predictable story. No love triangle or gut-wrenching angst here; there's a little heartbreak but it was pretty easy to handle. Ellie Glass has her future mapped out until a boy comes into the picture. Ben Hamilton is a musician right out of a bad breakup and is totally swoon worthy. Ellie and Ben, along with her friends, Payton, Ainsley, and Mark, are all very real and normal characters. The story and characters are easy to relate too. Ellie and Ben have great chemistry and I was easily rooting for them as they tried to figure out their relationship. There were sweet moments, funny moments, and a few heartbreaking moments that blended the story together perfectly. The writing was seamless and flowed easily. On an Edge of Glass was a great, simple read! And the epilogue was adorable! I will definitely be reading more of Autumn Doughton's writing.

  • JGE
    2020-03-27 18:08

    I understand that this was on of Autumn's first books. So, Wow! 2) Folks, she knows how to string words together quite nicely. She deftly avoided cliche constructions and words, which are really easy to fall into when writing romance. There wasn't a single "oh baby" I don't think, and definitely no "so tight." Lol. 3) Speaking of, her descriptions of more intimate moments were sexy without too much detail. Hence the missing cheesy lines, even if she had been tempted. 4) About mid-way though, I took a pause. I was thinking: here we go, this is where everything gets annoying and cliche. But I jumped back in and she didn't do it! 🙌🏽 The path her plot took managed to surprise me! I got worried because I was invested enough in her characters and I didn't want them to become annoying. I hate it when that happens. Then you're left having to quit or bear down and see it through to its end. Let's face it. In romance it all works out in the end, it's just a matter of how you get there. For me, this was a pleasantly surprising ride. Nicely done!

  • Amy @ The Reading Realm
    2020-03-27 22:06

    "He looks at you like you're the only person in the room. Like he's trapped underwater and you're an oxygen tank. Like he's in anaphylactic shock and you're an EpiPen." - Ben***Mild spoilers***THE GOOD:The story:This story basically flows Ellie's journey of self discovery and about embracing who you truly are not who you think you should be. Ben, her love interest, enters her life & shows her that it's okay to let go & stop trying to control every aspect of her life. Their romance shows Ellie that her life plan isn't as perfect as she once thought. It's a sweet romantic story with just enough angst created by the fact that their romance is somewhat 'forbidden', because of a pact that Ellie makes a pact with her roommates not to date Ben when he moves in with them and they hide their relationship for a while.The characters:Ben...well what can I say, I love him. My favourite heroes in books are usually the creative & more emotional types (bad boys are just not my thing), and Ben is oh so yummy. He's not the not a tattooed rock musician, but more of alt music guy who also plays classical music. And he is sooooo sweet - a guy who is able to show his emotions is so much sexier to me than some overprotective manwhore with anger issues (which seems to be the popular type of hero lately)."Ellie, I came back early because I was driving everyone around me crazy. When I wasn't texting you or talking to you, I was talking about you, and thinking about you, and wondering about get the idea." - BenDon't get me wrong though, he's no pansy - *spoiler* when his ex best friend that cheated with his ex girlfriend shows up at their party & starts flirting with Ellie, he does tell him where to go.As for Ellie, well at first I was a little worried that she was going to be a bit of a stuck up kind of character. But she wasn't, however she does like to have control of her life & could loosen up a little - enter Ben. He shows her that their is more to life than 20 year plans, and throughout the story Ellie starts to relaxThe romance:Ellie & Ben are very different characters & complement each other really well. Ben brings out Ellie's true self & shows her how to really be happy. Because Ben is a relatively sensitive character I felt the romance was very sweet & believable. It's not sappy, but Ben showed that he really knew Ellie - the real Ellie, not the 'perfect' image she's trying to be. I loved their first date, how he gave her the gummy bears instead of flowers (because he sees she has them with her all the time) it's only a small thing but it really showed that he listened & knew her.The Writing:It was really refreshing to read about a sweet & healthy relationship without too much teen angst. There is of course some drama (but the good kind that keeps the story moving). Doughton has written a very realistic romance - one that you could actually see happening in real life. The story flowed very naturally & I was completely caught up in their romance. Her writing style is very natural & fluid, making it a very quick & easy read.THE BAD:I really can't think of anything I didn't like about this book.FINAL WORD:This was a fun and sweet romance, that shows that just going with the flow is what makes life so amazing. The romance is incredibly beautiful - I didn't want Ellie & Ben's story to end. There was even an epilogue that made the story complete. I'm not sure if there will be a sequel or any spin off stories about the other characters - perhaps about Payton & Nick the drummer *fingers crossed*CONTENT:Sexuality: medium-strong / sex scenes (not overly descriptive)Violence: noneLanguage: medium / occasional s*** and f wordDrugs & alcohol: mild-medium / drinking at partiesMore reviews at The Reading Realm Blog