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Title : Langstroth on the Hive and the Honey-Bee A Bee Keeper's Manual (English Edition)
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Langstroth on the Hive and the Honey-Bee A Bee Keeper's Manual (English Edition) Reviews

  • Kiss
    2020-02-12 07:52

    Für mich hat das Buch einen interessanten Einblick in die Imkerei vor ca 100 Jahren gegeben (ich habe die kostenlose Kindleversion gelesen). Hier zum Beispiel spielt die Varroabehandlung noch keine Rolle.Alles in Allem durchaus lesenswert.

  • BuzzBee
    2020-01-30 03:55

    This man is the "Father of Modern Beekeeping" and anyone who in interested in bee-keeping needs to read it. The book is easy to read and in his words we find a man who respects the bee, carefully observes its habits and requirements, and has proved himself a master of this ancient art. He seems amazed at the beauty and complexity of this beneficial insect and provides insights into the behavior of the hive members and its life-cycle. As he was a clergyman, his faith is apparent in his narratives and gives a richness to his writing. In the past, the old hives that were used destroyed the bees when the honey was harvested, but with Langstroth's "modern methods" he was able to develop a hive that enabled man to live more harmoniously with the bees, inspect their hives to ensure their good health, and harvest the honey with minimal stress to its makers. It revolutionized apiculture.

  • Prescott
    2020-02-12 00:46

    More people refer to this book than own a copy, and more people own a copy than have read it. What is really needed is a condensed version. This was written in 1853, but most of what he wrote then has since been proven. When Langstroth wrote this some of it was pretty controversial, so he felt he had to sell it, which means that where he could have stated something in a sentence he used a paragraph (or two) to try to convince the reader.Having said that if you are going to take up beekeeping, or even if you are just thinking about taking up beekeeping, The Hive and the Honey Bee is not that long, and considering the time and money you will put into everything else, you should make the investment in time and not that much money to read this.

  • nusnice
    2020-01-24 07:04

    Remarkable how much knowledge is available in this book. I have not read a more comprehensive book on beekeeping. However this book is not light reading but written for those who want a complete study of bees. I now use this as a reference book when problems arise. It does not address the newer problems of mites or the complete colony collapse as these problems did not occur in 1880's.

  • Harvey
    2020-02-11 04:06

    Even though this book is very dated the information contained witin it, is not. Little has changed as far as beekeeping since this was written. The Author invented the modern beehive that is still in use today. What better matter expert can be found? Very informative read & highly recommended. Can't beat the price for the digital edition @ $0.00!

  • P. Lorincz
    2020-02-07 01:42

    I enjoyed LLL’s book greatly. I learned lots about his experience with bees and about his insights that many do not contemplate upon in this rushed culture of ours. He is a great individual who has contributed tremendously toward our progressive understanding of the honeybee.