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Title : In the kitchen
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ISBN : 8842815985
ISBN13 : 978-8842815983
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Language : Italienisch
Publisher : Il Saggiatore Januar 2010
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In the kitchen Reviews

  • cellina
    2020-03-30 15:51

    Ich kann persönlich nichts über das Buch sagen, da ich es verschenkt habe ohne es vorher gelesen zu haben. Aber der Empfänger dieses Geschenks hat es sehr gut bewertet, ich habe gerade nachgefragt

  • MiaW2002
    2020-03-09 14:50

    Mir hatte das Buch "Brick Lane" sehr gut gefallen, weshalb ich mir auch dieses Buch gleich gekauft habe. Leider wollte der Funken nicht so richtig überspringen. Die Personen waren mir nicht sympathisch und es ist auch nicht wirklich etwas passiert. Nachdem ich mich 100 Seiten durchgezwungen haben, musste ich es beiseite legen...

  • prisrob
    2020-03-06 09:02

    Monica Ali has written another novel that may very well be one of her best. If you can slog through the first third of the book, then you have it made. The story of a citizen in a city in a country that is changing its work and its ethics as we speak. Gabriel Lightfoot, a chef at the Imperial Hotel. He is talented, a good boss and does not settle fools lightly. That we know, or we think we know. As the novel proceeds we find that what we think we know has completely changed. What we want for Gabe, is for him to marry his lovely woman, buy his own place, spend time with his dad and Nana and live the life he wants. What occurs during the novel is a story of how a world changes when we least expect it. One small incident can bloom into a life altering event.Yuri, a maintenance man at the hotel is found dead. An accident of course. The police come and an investigation ensues. Gabe is sure all is well until little surprises pop up. A young woman, Lena, in the country illegally has been living with Yuri and is homeless. Gabe takes her in and life as he knows it will never be the same.At the same time, Gabe's father, Ted is dying of liver cancer. His sister, Jenny is doing the best she can to care for him and then Nana, their grandmother comes to live. Gabe must go home to see dad and set things right.Charlie, Gabe's lovely girlfriend, is someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with. In between his job and Lena and his dad and Jenny and his work, things fall apart.Mr Maddox runs the Imperial hotel and he has asked Gabe to investigate to see if there is anything amiss. Gabe takes notice and finds some things astray, but nothing comes together, easily.Gabe, has made a pact with two businessmen to open a restaurant and Gabe will be the Chef. Life will be oh, so good and he will have his own place.All of these people are depending upon Gabe to set things right. Gabe is a hard working man, centering his life on his job and Charlie until all the various factions come into play. The last two thirds of this novel will take you on a wild ride. Filled with many different people of all backgrounds, circumstances and life will become very difficult. All that Gabe thought he knew has turned completely topsy turvy.Monica Ali has written a novel that will take us to many places, sweat shops, the inside workings of a restaurant, human trafficking and the degradation of humans and then, finally realization.Highly Recommended, prisrob 06-25-09

  • Loraine Despres
    2020-03-09 15:15

    Monica Ali is one of the best writers living today. Although I preferred BRICK LANE which is a masterpiece, IN THE KITCHEN gives the reader a fascinating look at the inner workings of a big hotel kitchen with it's hierarchy and how the darker the skin or the farther from the EU the person is born the lower the rank. I think about this book every time I go to a big restaurant. It's definitely worth a read.

  • donber18
    2020-03-14 08:54

    This is my first Monica Ali book and honestly probably will not read another. Felt like the author took a bunch of ideas and tried unsuccessfully to build into a book. Thought the book was disjointed. No clearcut character development. One minute Gabriel is a successful chef getting ready to start his own restaurant and the next minute he has a nervous breakdown, stripping off his clothes, and then he ends up on a farm of slave-like immigrant workers who coincidentally work on a farm owned by his co-worker that the crazy hotel manager has asked him to get dirt on (because all hotel execs ask the chef to do this). Then ends up sane again? and his ex-girlfriend calls him and you have hope that they will get back. Not at all believable. If the idea was to tell a story about the plight of immigrant workers in England, my opinion is that this was never really developed.

  • Nancy K
    2020-04-02 16:08

    I was a fan of "Brick Lane", so I looked forward to this read with great anticipation. The premise (a hotel kitchen filled with staff from multi-ethnic backgrounds) held great promise.However, it simply did not deliver. I had to literally push myself thru this book. Ali failed to fully develop the MANY characters that she introduced into the story. Hence, it was too easy to either get them mixed up, or worse, to forget them altogether. By the time I was half-way thru the book, I didn't even care about the protagonist, Gabriel Lightfoot. AND...The "murder" had virtually NOTHING to do with the plot.In short, it was a bit of a BOMB; I have to give this one a BIG THUMBS DOWN! ...NMR

  • D. Edwards
    2020-03-14 11:01

    Characters were fairly well-developed although plot was a little thin, it was like watching a train wreck. Not necessarily enjoyable, but you can't look away.