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The Moon Sculpture Left Behind aus der Serie Chinese Breeze Level 3 eignet sich f r Chinesischlernende mit Vorkenntnissen von 750 chinesischen W rtern Die Lesetexte bestehen bis auf neue Vokabeln ausschlie lich aus chinesischen Kurzzeichen und verzichten bewusst auf die Umschrift Hanyu Pinyin Inkl MP3 CD mit zwei unterschiedlichen Wiedergabe Geschwindigkeiten...

Title : Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series: The Moon Sculpture Left Behind (Level 3, 750 Words) (+ 1 MP3-CD)
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ISBN : 7301217749
ISBN13 : 978-7301217740
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Language : Englisch, Chinesisch
Publisher : Peking University Press Auflage 1 1 Januar 2013
Number of Pages : 78 Seiten
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Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series: The Moon Sculpture Left Behind (Level 3, 750 Words) (+ 1 MP3-CD) Reviews

  • B. Rauh
    2020-03-31 06:30

    Chinese Breeze ist eine großartige Serie von Büchern, die ich nur jedem Chinesischlernenden empfehlen kann.Ich habe alle Level 1 und 2-Bücher gelesen und mir fehlt nur noch "The Third Eye" in Level 3.Leider hat "The Moon Sculpture Left Behind" einige offensichtliche Schwächen.Es wirkt als ob das Manuskript 30 Seiten lang war, es aber die Vorgabe von 60 Seiten gab und dann die Geschichte aufgebläht werden musste.So ist vermutlich Kapitel 2 entstanden, dass nichts mit der eigentlichen Geschichte zu tun hat und nur jedwede Anfängervokabel wie "跳舞" oder "游泳" aneinanderreiht.In Kapitel 3 wird erwähnt, dass es swischen 1949 und 1979 irgendwie Probleme gab und der Charakter auswandern musste.Wenn man sich ein bisschen mit der chinesischen Geschichte auskennt, kann man sich denken, was das Problem war,der Autor schafft es aber nicht auch nur ansatzweise zu Beschreiben was los ist.Insgesamt ist das Buch vom Vokabular und Satzbau auch leichter als die anderen Level 3 Ausgaben.HSK 3-Niveau sollte ausreichen.Ich kann dieses Buch aber trotzdem eingeschränkt empfehlen, weil es auf diesem Niveau praktisch keine Alternative gibt.

  • F. A. Rodner
    2020-04-03 13:24

    Ich finde es gar nicht leicht, Lesebücher mit relativ interessanten Geschichten für dieses Niveau zu finden. Deswegen bin ich froh, Chinese Breeze Niveau 2 und 3 Lesebücher kaufen zu können. Danke schön, Amazon Deutschland! Und die mich im Ausland pünktlich erreichen!

  • Amazon Customer
    2020-03-31 12:29

    Overall this series is great but this book was so boring I couldn't finish it. Get "The Painted Skin". That is a fantastic book!!

  • Martin B
    2020-04-02 06:32

    This series is truly a godsend for anyone who is learning Mandarin Chinese. I love that I can enjoy this story in Mandarin without translation but at the same time, learn Mandarin vocabulary. The vocabulary is often repeated so often in the story that you can't help but add it to your active vocabulary. My only complaint is that the series is yet to be completed and for the length of the books, I would hope to see more of them coming out more quickly. But oh well. Otherwise, a great companion as a study but more than that, its actually an interesting read and is quite surprisingly not childish in nature even though, you may expect something of a childish nature from an early reader.

  • Colin Hagemeyer
    2020-03-27 09:41

    Just like Painted Skin and The Third Eye, this is great for practicing reading. I have also tried reading Chinese novels, and I can do it with work but you don't get the same level of reinforcement of vocabulary and grammar. Each book appears to pick some grammatical structures, and uses it multiple times to reinforce it. The only issue I have with this one is that my version had a lot more typos than the other two I've read. It failed to underline some proper names, improperly numbered a new vocab word once, and other little things which were mildly distracting.Hoping they make more advanced books soon. My Chinese vocabulary is around 2000-2500, so I already knew most of the words.

  • Colin McLarty
    2020-03-05 10:39

    This is a terrific series. I have used many means to learn Chinese characters: fun little introductions, college textbooks, copy books, Tuttle books, cell phone apps as I walk around Beijing, and I am grateful to all. But the one that has taught me the most is also the most fun, the Chinese Breeze series. I have read all but Painted Skin and I will begin that tomorrow.Moon Sculpture is a fun story of college chums with some 20th century history of China. Jack was born in the US while his father was born on the Chinese mainland and mostly raised in Taiwan. Jack speaks Chinese with his grandfather but is not so fluent as he'd like. With the period of opening Jack and his father and grandfather recover ties to the mainland, helped by Jack's friend 毛步康 from China who he met studying math at a university in England. By happy chance they learned scuba diving there in their free time.The CD has a problem though that stands out by level 3. It has a slow speed reading helpful to some learners. But it also has a purportedly normal speed reading which is really much slower and more distinctly aimed at non-Chinese ears than any ordinary person you will hear in China. It is far from normal pacing or intonation. Sure it is better than my own pronunciation. But it is so unlike what I hear in China (mostly Beijing and Taiyuan) that I cannot listen to it. So I never use the CDs.For reading, these are a fantastic resource.

  • Kathy B
    2020-03-07 11:39

    For the most part I am a fan of the Chinese Breeze series, as the quiz questions are solidly useful, and the use of proper names (which can trip me up) is kept to a minimum. But plotwise this book was a fail. The chapter with the two friends' excruciating list of boring activities and many repetitions of how their friendship was getting deeper was mind-numbing. The HSK vocabulary list is better plotted than this book. By the way, their friendship gets deeper.Another reviewer has recommended "The Painted Skin" (another Chinese Breeze book at the same level), and I wholly agree. It's gripping!