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Title : Militärische Uniformen in der DDR 1949 - 1990
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ISBN : 3813208354
ISBN13 : 978-3813208351
Format Type : PDF
Language : Deutsch
Publisher : Mittler in Maximilian Verlag GmbH Auflage 1., durchges 1 Februar 2005
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Militärische Uniformen in der DDR 1949 - 1990 Reviews

  • Ralf Prenz
    2020-03-25 15:44

    Im Jahr 1991 erschien bereits ein gleichnamiges Buch, aber noch unter DDR-Vorzeichen. Diese hier ähnelt seinem Vorgänge, hat aber "die ideologische Brille" abgesetzt. Ein guter Kauf für denjenigen, der sich einen Überblick verschaffen möchte. Verbesserungswürdig sind lediglich die Tragefotos, die meist nur Zeichnungen sind.

  • Lord Vader
    2020-03-28 12:58

    Das Buch seigt was man Erwart.Es wir die Entschedung der Uniform gezeigt und wie die getragen wird und man zu beachten hat.

  • Kindl
    2020-03-04 11:44

    für alle die einen ungefähren Überblick haben wollen über militärische Uniformen der DDR,ist dieses ein gutes Buch- alles gut erklärt und auch gut bebildert.Für Sammler, die wirklich auf die kleinsten Feinheiten wert legen, mag dieses Buch an mancher Stelle ein wenigzu oberflächlich sein.

  • A. Schnitta
    2020-03-22 14:04

    ein sehr gutes buch... man brauch ein wenig um reinzufindenaber es ist echt toll

  • Heraldry Emblems
    2020-03-24 12:04

    As my other reviews will attest, I have a great interest in military uniforms. In my opinion no nation has a smarter uniform tradition than Germany. Following the partition of Germany after WW2, interestingly it was the communist East German nation (the DDR) that continued the uniform tradition of the German Wehrmacht.I am aware of only two large illustrated books focused on DDR uniforms. "Uniformen der Nationalen Volksarmee der DDR 1956-1986" was published in 1990. This one, "Militärische Uniformen in der DDR 1949-1990", was published in 2005 (and reprinted in 2009). Both are by the same authorship team of Klaus-Ulrich Keubke and Manfred Kunz; both produced in German language only. Being unsure which book is the more comprehensive - as the covers and sizes are rather different - I got both books.Comparing the two I can say that the 2005 book is more or less a straightforward update of the 1990 book. This is unquestionably the authoritative work on the subject. As the dates in the respective titles indicate, the 2005 book additionally includes uniforms worn during the transitional period 1949-1956 and of course takes the opportunity to better cover the last four years of the DDR over 1986-1990.The very different cover designs of the two books might make you believe (incorrectly) that they are totally different books. The 1990 book cover is taken up entirely by a beautiful studio shot of a parade uniform jacket; sadly this picture (nor any other like it) does not feature inside the book. The 2005 book cover design looks very cheap in comparison, which is quite a let-down given the much more sophisticated cover design on the 1990 book. The structure and layout inside both books however are very similar. The paper quality is better (whiter and thicker) in the newer book as you might expect.In terms of illustrations, the two books share mostly the same photo images and almost all of these are black & white. The lack of colour photos (when many are available) is the reason why I have given four stars here rather than the full five. Both books do however have impressive uniform illustrations in colour done in a photo-realistic style, though a few in the 1990 book appear not to have been put in the 2005 book (the older book has 229 such illustrations, while the newer one has 204). The uniform illustrations in the 1990 book are printed larger. The 2005 book additionally has 55 painted uniform plates that the 1990 book does not contain. The 2005 book also has an excellent pair of front and back colour photos showing a soldier wearing his field equipment. Both books have extensive sections on insignia in colour, though the 2005 book contains a few extra pictures. Finally, both books have excellent line drawings to show uniform details, their sizing and placement.