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Natalie Holbrooks sensibility is stylish and playful, as well as practical, loving, and down to earth Hey Natalie Jean is a terrific read for anyone who wants to make her life beautiful Gretchen Rubin The blog Hey Natalie Jean has won a cult following with writer Natalie Holbrooks honest, inspiring, and often witty posts on topics like marriage, babies, nesting, and style Natalies first book, Hey Natalie Jean is one part manifesto and three parts ideas, projects, and advice Beautifully illustrated and whimsically designed, the book offers twenty five essays and how tos that serve as a guide to life making date night magic in the middle of the mundane, successfully exploring the city with a three year old, and creating a satisfying daily routine that still leaves room for little adventures and lots of magic Natalies optimism, creativity, keen eye, and zeal for life are palpable, and she encourages others to make their lives beautiful with ease This heartfelt, personal collection of essays and photographs shows Natalies ability to identify and describe lifes lovely incidentals in the everyday routine of errands, play dates, and naps Inspiring, moving, and whip smart, Hey Natalie Jean is an honest look at the hard work and courage that go into creating a beautiful life....

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Hey Natalie Jean: Advice, Musings, and Inspiration on Marriage, Motherhood, and Style Reviews

  • lamill
    2020-02-12 14:50

    For whatever reason ... it's been over a year since she shut down her blog ... I've been missing Natalie. Her perspective on things, kooky/spot on/as-if-she-were-sitting-in-front-of-me conversational style. I held out buying her book for fear it wouldn't live up to the blog. In the end it was like a stroll down the block to visit with an old friend. It was great to reconnect. Hope you're happy in your corner of the world, NJ!

  • Just Another Amazon Customer
    2020-02-01 07:53

    I started reading Natalie's blog when it was called "Nat the Fat Rat." She was young then, earnest, more than a little goofy. I read this entire book last evening - it's half filled with photographs, so a quick read - and wondered what kinds of changes Natalie has made in her life in response to her blog readership, in response to her blog critics. The woman in this book is overly concerned with clothing, with hair, with eyelashes. This is not the Natalie I thought I knew; this is a woman caught in a tidal wave that I believe she doesn't understand. There doesn't seem to be any depth to these seemingly random thoughts, and they are presented as quirky "how-tos" framed by one photograph after another of the blogger turned author.

  • Robert W. Neer
    2020-02-18 14:33

    Loved this book--writing style is witty, entertaining and informative.

  • disappointed
    2020-02-12 13:29

    It pains me to write this (I've been reading HNJ since she was NTFR back in Idaho), but I found myself bored while reading HNJ. This is the blog on pages. Same posts. Same pics. I expected more and like a jerk kept asking myself "This is what was so consuming and hard to write? She has already written all of it!" I'm a self admitted "fan-girl" and will continue to read HNJ's blog, but I can't in good faith suggest that anyone get this book let alone get excited about it. I guess I was expecting something beyond the eyelashes and the dry shampoo.

  • Sarah M.
    2020-02-09 06:34

    Let me start by saying that I read Natalie's blog and thus have a clear picture of her writing style, personality, and lifestyle. Anyone else who has read her blog knows she's whimsical, honest, and her writing often has a stream-of-consciousness feel to it. So allow me to be perplexed that people were expecting something different from her. That somehow her voice would change when transitioning from the digital to print world. I will admit that I was late to arrive on the blogging scene and have therefore only read her blog for the last 3 or so years (and haven't made it through all the archives). Therefore, the popular posts revised for this book were new to me. I enjoyed them much like I do all her writing, though I understand the misgivings some have over buying material that is readily available on her website. The author did spend over a year talking about the arduous process of writing this book, even going so far as to move home to Oregon for a period of time early last year so as to focus on her writing. It gave her readers the impression that it was being written from scratch; a book chock full of new material. A glimpse into Natalie's life unlike we've seen before. I get what people are saying on that front.

  • Victoria
    2020-02-10 09:40

    I really enjoyed this! I'd been a reader of her blog for quite a while and this still felt fresh and interesting. Some of the chapters were deeply touching and some were fun and light, I thought it was a great mix and perfectly captures her personality and perspective. It's one of my favorite coffee table books since it's so easy to pick up and flip through. It's a fun, lovely little read and think it's great for people whether or not they're familiar with her already. Love it!