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The popularity of capoeira continues to rise as people discover how usefuland funit can be for increasing agility and flexibility, as well as strength and endurance Capoeira Conditioning is an illustrated guide to whole body training based on this increasingly popular Brazilian martial art Designed for all ages and all levels of experience, the book is a step by step training manual with photographs that guide users through every movement and sequence Accompanying text gives special pointers and describes the fitness benefits of each individual technique Capoeira Conditioning offers no frills advice about nutrition, regularity of training, capoeira in relation to other sports, and capoeira conditioning for children, along with a simple QA section....

Title : Capoeira Conditioning: How to Build Strength, Agility, and Cardiovascular Fitness Using Capoeira Movements
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ISBN : 158394141X
ISBN13 : 978-1583941416
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Capoeira Conditioning: How to Build Strength, Agility, and Cardiovascular Fitness Using Capoeira Movements Reviews

  • Howard G. Anders Jr
    2020-03-02 15:25

    The book advocates and explains the use of the basic moves of capoeira as a conditioning tool. The text is very clear, the exercises are very well explained, with plenty of photos. Mr. Taylor also outlines several possible exercise routines constructed from the basic movements. The author makes the point that his book concentrates on the conditioning aspects of capoeira movements; it is NOT a primer on the art itself. If you are "into" bodyweight conditioning, this book will provide some useful and challenging alternatives.

  • ghostb
    2020-03-23 15:04

    I really liked reading this kindle edition book very easy to read. Straight to the point I hope the author writes another book on techniques you can add to this book. I really loved the pictures in the kindle edition too it shows these people took the time to think about which pictures to put in the book. Unlike other books where they just show one start picture and then the finished one. Thanks to these people I'm starting to like working out again, the techniques are worded very simple and they also give you a sample of a short work out plan from sets and Reps to a time limit to do the techniques in. I'll be looking forward to another release from this author.

  • Chrystian Melendez
    2020-03-07 15:18

    Solid movements, I'm always looking for ways to add new movements to my practice and this book was solid. Still not a replacement for an actual teacher but it still gives you moves that you can take the time to learn and master then figure out how to bind them together into a nice flow. It's the puzzle of movement that is beautiful. Certainly give it a read.

  • Danny Wall
    2020-03-14 11:05

    If you're serious about capoeira, this book will make you significantly better in several important skills along with improving your conditioning and ability to play in the roda for longer periods of time.

  • John F. Johnson
    2020-03-22 10:29

    I use this book everyday for my training. Nice pictures and understandable. Must read and practice hard, you won't be disappointed.

  • oscar mc donald
    2020-03-23 14:25


  • Freedom Fighter
    2020-03-11 14:19

    Many of the stretches in here can be found in various yoga books and whatnot, but the information is still very informative. If you are interested in learning capoeira you definitely need this book to show you how to master the stretching techniques that will help with this martial arts style.

  • Aaron B.
    2020-03-14 13:00

    This book breaks capoeira down into the 4 or 5 most common/basic movements and provides multiple workout plans for conditioning for capoeiristas. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to build their conditioning threshholds.