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GET D RTYNext time you re traveling or just chattin in Japanese with your friends, drop the textbook formality and bust out with expressions they never teach you in school, including Cool slangFunny insultsExplicit sex termsRaw swear wordsDirty Japanese teaches the casual expressions heard every day on the streets of Japan What s up Ossu How s it hanging Choshi doyo I m smashed.Beron beron ni nattekita I love ginormous tits.Kyo nyu daiskui Wanna try a threesome Yatte miyo ka sanpi I gotta take a leak.Shonben shite He s such an asshole.Aitsu wa kanji warui kara....

Title : Dirty Japanese: Everyday Slang from (Dirty Everyday Slang)
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ISBN : 1569755655
ISBN13 : 978-1569755655
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Dirty Japanese: Everyday Slang from (Dirty Everyday Slang) Reviews

  • ZenDodge69
    2020-02-14 00:55

    An excellent companion for your Japanese studies. the title is a bit misleading, as it is not just 'dirty' words. There is a lot of information about the Japanese culture and how you should address others, along with phrases more useful than where is the toilet, train station, hotel, etc... There are different chapters about different situations as well as the two chapters (Scat and Sex) about 'dirty' words. Not comprehensive but quite useful.

  • Kousuke
    2020-02-03 03:34

    First off, this book is about 90%~ accurate. In the sense that some of the material is dated, but that's expected with any slang book. Slang comes and goes. For the most part though, the author clearly labels some dated slang. The author also points out a lot of Japanese cultural background and other very useful information. I would say this is a very useful book since it does deepen your understanding of Japanese slang and culture.

  • matthew
    2020-01-27 04:46

    This is a interesting book. I'm learning Japanese and found out quickly that my study books do not touch on this type of subject so I needed to expand my search and this book is helpful. I doubt I'll use half of what's in this book but at least now I can pick up on a few words when somene speaks them.

  • SassyFace
    2020-01-25 21:50

    I purchased this for my Stepson as a sort of mindless, funny novelty gift. He has shown increasing interest in relocating to Japan after college and has been doing the Japanese Rosetta Stone to learn the language fluently.

  • tim can
    2020-01-27 04:36

    A funny bok a gift for a friend who loves japanese langage and yet while fun to read there are certainly a number of questionable usages. I would definately check curect usage before making a foll by the use of these phrases

  • Patrick
    2020-02-01 00:56

    If you are in to books like this this one is pretty accurate and much better than other similar series of books. My wife and I use it on occasion for kicks and giggles. Recommend the dirty series over the others!

  • Danielle Hamilton
    2020-02-13 00:56

    Love this book!

  • Molotov
    2020-01-18 04:39

    The book has some useful content but lacks any real meat. It just skims the surface of the slang world and moves on when it starts to get interesting. After reading the book, I felt I had only read a preview of what could have been an amazing collection of pages if written with more depth.