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Gone Girl meets Fatal Attraction in Caroline Kepnes YOU, a chilling account of the twisted psychology behind unrelenting passion...

Title : You
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ISBN : 9781471137372
ISBN13 : 978-1471137372
Format Type : E-Book
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Simon Schuster UK Auflage UK ed 18 Juni 2015
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You Reviews

  • Deutschindo
    2020-03-18 02:50

    I love it!!! This book kept me awake at night. I read many thriller novel but this one is my favorite so far!

  • Amazon Kunde
    2020-03-15 18:37

    Zusammenfassung:Joe ist besessen von Beck. Seit er sie das erste Mal in seiner Buchhandlung gesehen hat ist ihm klar, Beck ist die perfekte Frau für ihn. Mehr und mehr versucht er alles über sie herauszufinden. Er googelt sie, hackt ihren Facebook- und Twitter-Account und durchsucht ihre Wohnung. Ohne das Beck es merkt, schleicht sich Joe immer mehr in ihr Leben und treibt sie so dazu, sich immer mehr in ihn zu verlieben. Selbst wenn er dafür jedes mögliche Hindernis beseitigen muss...Meine Meinung:Also gleich vorweg, ich habe dieses Buch abgebrochen. Und ich würde auch dieses Buch grundlegend erstmal als schlecht bezeichnen. ABER ich denke das ist einfach meine persönliche Abneigung über die Art wie es geschrieben ist. Als ich den Klappentext gelesen habe, fand ich die Idee der Story grandios. Aus der Sicht eines Stalkers zu lesen fand ich super interessant. Und ich denke auch wie das umgesetzt wurden ist, ist an sich durchaus gut gewählt. Aber für mich leider völlig ungeeignet. Ich fand die Erzählung aus seiner Sicht so detailliert, viel zu detailliert, dass es für mich einfach zu langweilig geworden ist. Ich hatte überhaupt keine Lust diese ausschweifenden Eindrücke von ihm zu lesen. Natürlich denke ich, dass diese Art des Schreibens für manche vermutlich sehr gut die wirren Gedanken und seine sprunghaften Überlegungen wiederspiegelt und auch gut zeigt, wie "krank" dieser Mann ist. Für mich war es aber einfach langweilig. Deswegen habe ich die Story auch nach 150 Seiten, durch die ich mich mehr gequält habe, in der Hoffnung es wird noch besser, abgebrochen.Fazit:Für mich ein wirklich schreckliches Buch. Ich bin kein bisschen mit dem Schreibstil klargekommen und fand es super langweilig. Momentan liegt es noch bei mir rum, falls ich doch nochmal die Motivation aufbringe es weiter zu lesen. Ich denke aber eher nicht. Schade eigentlich.

  • Amber Goleb
    2020-03-24 21:53

    I gave this book 5 STARS... I did this for many many reasons. First I want to start off telling you that this is one of those books that you will either not like or LOVE! I LOVED it. It isn't your every day run-of-the-mill book. It's a deep and twisted psychological driven book.It's twisted and messed up! For some, it may be hard to follow. I will tell you why... First, the writing style isn't what your normal reader is used to. It truly takes talent to write an entire book in second-person. With the second-person writing comes the pop culture aspect. Caroline uses so many pop culture references, I even didn't get all of them. And I am pretty sure I should have. Then you have the mental state of the main characters.Joe, is obviously disturbed. I spent a greater part of the book trying to diagnose him. He is so messed up in the head. However, Beck doesn't really have all of her screws either. After all, she becomes close with her stalker... And in some ways, once she realizes he has been stalking her, she seems half okay with it.This book is a journey with an ending. I say it that way for a reason. It's not necessarily happy or sad or earth shattering.If I had to categorize this book, it would be in the MUST READ MESSED UP book category. Since that category only exists in my head, I would say it's part new adult and part psychological thriller. I read this book about a month ago, and I still find myself daydreaming about it with the confused head tilt. No lie!

  • AlohaD
    2020-03-23 20:58

    So, I have this book on my kindle, hardback and now, audio. But, this was my very first audio book and I am glad I dived in with Santino Fontana's interpretation of Joe Goldberg. He captured the essence of the character perfectly. I began reading this book about a year and a half ago and never finished it for some reason. I liked the book and the way it was written, so not sure what it was that made me put it down. But once I heard Santino as Joe, I knew I hit the jackpot. He nailed it!Joe is just a normal guy living a normal life in NY. He is the epitome of an "average Joe" , but with better looks ;)He works at and bookstore and is obviously very well read. He never graduated from college so that apparently puts him behind his peers. But what he lacks in an education he makes up for in his inner dialogue. He is witty and smart and knows his way around just about anything. Including finagling his way into Beck's life, which isn't easy with all the outside sources (her friends and somewhat boyfriend).The side characters were just as important as the main characters and the tone of the story is what kept me coming back for more. It's not crazy slash 'em 80's horror. It's a psychological thriller that makes you think. That makes you look at the inner part of everyone's thought process and what they do with their life. The difference is, that Joe thinks what he does is bettering the world. Almost like Dexter in some ways. He rids the world of people that dirty those around them.But "reading" this book by audio was completely different than turning the pages. Santino Fontana just nailed his performance of Joe. The way he captured Joe as normal yet with a huge side of crazy was perfection. He was the guy you could count on and think nothing of it. He wasn't crazy, he wasn't psychotic. He was Just Joe. But Santino has a way of reading into each character and making you believe he IS Joe.Fantastic job to him and to Ms Kepnes for making us believe that all is normal in NY. :) Can't wait for more!

  • Gut Reaction Reviews
    2020-03-24 20:40

    Writing in first person is probably one of the more difficult viewpoints for an author to tackle. Kepnes proves this, at least partially, in You, her debut novel.The first half of this book is tedious, almost to the point of wanting to stop reading. But the second half picks up and makes this a worthwhile read. The ending was predictable, with a slight twist that made it satisfying.Since the main character works in a bookstore, there are several references to various well-known novels, as one might expect. This is a bit overdone, in my opinion, and felt more like the author trying to impress with her literary knowledge.What this novel lacked, was the tension or edge of your seat page turning that makes for a great mystery/suspense novel. The “praises” this book has received made my expectation high, only to find, it does not deliver.This one gets three stars, as it is an okay read, just not a great one.

  • Helene Stephens
    2020-03-15 18:46

    This was a truly zippy and uplifting psychological thriller. I knew I was having FUN when I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions. Joe might be a stalker, but he sure puts a sincere effort into it, and he often takes a beating for his efforts. There was his ill-fated trip when he follows his lady-love to Rhode Island in the snow, a disastrous excursion. His trek to the Dickens Festival was hilarious, particularly when he is renting his "pantaloons" at the costume shop. Elton John's music as he runs after "prey" (no spoilers here), his nasty but wry observations of his book store customers, and his twisted (and some might say sacrilegious) take on the piously revered poem "Footprints" - all clever and uniquely humorous. This book is distinguished by Joe's witty and darkly satirical observations.Other readers have written better and more detailed reviews of this book than my own, and they've included plot specifics, which I haven't touched upon. They've also called the book "creepy" and I suppose it is. But when they say it is slanted for the young twenty-ish readers, I have to say that this grandmother (me) really LOVED this book. According to the top of my page, I "purchased this book on 11/17/2014," and here it is, two days later on the 19th and I'm writing a review, so I'd have say this is a fast and engrossing read. And the BEST news came at the end: There is a sequel called "LOVE" coming out next year, Fall 2015.