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Bringing 19th century coins to light The new, completely updated and vetted edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1801 1900, offers comprehensive coin listings and current market prices from trusted coin experts from around the world The ideal reference for researchers, collectors, auctioneers and dealers, the Standard Catalog of World Coins has a than 40 year tradition of excellence in the hobby.This 8th edition features significant coin value volatility for many countries As the precious metals market stabilizes, the collectible coin market has sought to find reasonable levels in all areas You will see major price gains in Mughal, Independent and Princely States eras of India, alongside many drops for German States minor type coinage, Swiss Cantons Australian and New Zealand Tokens and many lower grades worldwide Through many British Colonial countries you will witness expanded grades and increasing values on proof strikes.Each coin listing provides Current values listed by date, variety and gradeUniversal KM reverence numberDetailed descriptions of obverse and reverse designsClear images to aid in identificationCoins struck in gold, platinum and silver are detailed with Total coin weightFinenessActual precious metal weightSpecial refinements for this edition include Improved KM number sortingExpanded data for types not beginning, but ending within the time frameNumeric grading, with MS 63 prices for the first time...

Title : Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1801-1900 (Standard Catalog of World Coins 19th Century Edition 1801-1900)
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Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1801-1900 (Standard Catalog of World Coins 19th Century Edition 1801-1900) Reviews

  • Dr.L.
    2020-03-03 16:26

    If you are a coin collector or if you are planning to be a coin collector..a serious collector...then this and the world coin series from other centuries are a must. The list is is near exhaustive...I don't know how they did it. Photos or drawings of the individual coins is most helpful. The books also provide the collector with market prices for each coin. While most coins don't really change all that much in value, one must be aware of any new editions to these catalogs in order to up-date your library. I have several copies of the various centuries, those centuries that I collect, so you too can be choosy as to which books you might wish to purchase. All said, you need this catalog; it's worth the price, believe me.

  • Danny R. Lowe
    2020-03-20 12:49

    I ordered this item thinking it was the paperback book that came with a dvd of the same book free like the Standard Catalog of World Coins 1900 to present I had ordered just weeks before. Even though it was not what I though I had ordered I am happy with the product and it works very well. The features are easy to understand and use and it takes up very little space how ever I find I am using a bit of my time looking for it becouse it has gotten in with music CD's or movies. I will be ordering the Book as soon as it comes up for sale as it is a lot less bother to take the book when I price coins away from home then it is to take my laptop or find a PC to use the DVD.

  • Gary M. Greenbaum
    2020-03-13 16:29

    No question, this is the best, if not the only reference, for someone, whether collector or dealer, desiring a worldwide comprehensive volume of twentieth and twenty-first century coins. If it has been issued since 1901, you'll probably find it in here (though a few issues get overlooked and later included, but that is not a major flaw).

  • Lea
    2020-03-26 16:37

    I bought this as a gift for my father, and he really loves it. Amazon's price is better than you'll find it anywhere else. My father told me that they have a lot of really interesting coins and information in this book.

  • Chester B.
    2020-03-15 13:25

    Thorough and comprehensive. It is a great reference for 19th Century coins without having to "dig around" the internet.

  • Ford Ka
    2020-04-01 13:40

    This is a book that every collector whose interests exceed his backyard and go beyond his birthdate must have at home. There is no better help to start expanding your collection beyond 1901.

  • Francisco Chavez
    2020-03-03 10:25

    it is now outdated. It was good back then.

  • Tiko
    2020-03-16 14:37

    I have not yet received this item, but I know that I will like it. I have had and used these world coin catalogs for many years and I know how informative and accurate they are.