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The first and most comprehensive step by step guide on the subject, Watchmaking has become a classic in its own right This new edition is updated to include a new section which discusses and illustrates a variety of the authors own watches The author s principal aim in writing this book has been to inspire and encourage the art of watchmaking, especially among a new generation of enthusiasts The making of the precision timekeeper is described, step by step, and is illustrated at each stage with line drawings and brief explanatory captions Great care has been taken to ensure the text is easy to follow and to avoid complicated technical descriptions....

Title : Watchmaking
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Watchmaking Reviews

  • Sleazey
    2020-02-09 22:31

    This book is amazing. I have just received the latest edition, and cannot believe the wealth of detail and knowledge presented by George Daniels. This book is a masterwork, by a master of his art.

  • A. B.
    2020-02-18 23:26

    Truly one of the great texts on watchmaking. As an amateur, I don't deign myself proficient enough to truly take advantage of the majority of the knowledge here. However, Daniels was nothing if not a great teacher, if this book is any indication. Being smart or extremely proficient in a subject does not at all have any bearing on your ability to pass that knowledge to another. Often, I'd argue, those that operate on the highest levels become incapable of explaining things to those on their way up. Any of you who have taken more advanced specialized physics/math/science classes will know exactly what I mean - that professor who was a genius but clearly was not capable of phrasing things in a way you were able to comprehend. Daniels clearly has no such problems and almost seems to remove the veil of complexity that surrounds many of the advanced watchmaking topics. His ability to teach is immediately apparent from the get-go.

  • Lawrence
    2020-02-02 22:17

    An absolute masterpiece! One of the finest books I have seen on watchmaking. A true work of art. I can't say enough good things about this book. If you are a watchmaker, collector or enthusiast, you must have this book. Extremely detailed. For the professional, it needs to be on your shelf right next to Archie Perkins book on lathe work. By the way, the cost of this book on Amazon is a true bargain.

  • Andrew Zaborowski
    2020-02-07 01:14

    As someone who is looking at watchmaking as a possible career choice and a definite serious hobby, I checked out about half a dozen (all) of the most relevant books on the subject from my local large university library. Although there were some gems, I have never found a book that covers ALL aspects of watchmaking, from choice of materials and tools to use of a lathe and mill for cutting gears, design, casemaking, you name it. I immediately returned all of the other books I had checked out, in favor of this hefty tome. George Daniels is widely considered the greatest watchmaker of our time, and his language is far more modern than other books and guides that might try to fill this niche.

  • F. Patton
    2020-02-21 03:16

    This is arguably the last word in watchmaking, generously and clearly written and illustrated to provide just about every practical piece of information you need.

  • G. Kuyat
    2020-02-01 00:08

    No tinker's book this - a great detailed read on how to create watches. Clear pictures and detailed descriptions make this as clear as a book on watch creation could be. If only I had a year of 80 hour weeks to create a watch...!

  • Kindle Customer
    2020-02-18 03:21

    Thank You George you left us with a treasure. The mind and skill of a master. He will be missed but his work in this book his legacy will live on. With his text book it will be possible to attain the level of perfection. The book is a plethora of knowledge. Watchmakers and enthusiasts can learn everything pertaining to the creation of a mechanical watch from the case to the dial and mainspring to escapements .