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For the first time, the complete collection of Maya Angelou s published poems including On the Pulse of Morning in a permanent collectible, handsome hardcover edition....

Title : The Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou
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ISBN : 067942895X
ISBN13 : 978-0679428954
Format Type : E-Book
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Random House Auflage 1 13 September 1994
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The Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou Reviews

  • Rosa Frei
    2020-02-13 04:49

    Words from the heart whose eyes have seen the world, its pain and its love. Words of race, history, men and women, words of loneliness, longing, and belonging.

  • None
    2020-01-28 09:00

    Growing up as a Black American in the inner city I was never exposed to the talents of Black poets until I had the fortune of reading Maya Angelou's poem "Equality" in a multicultural literature course in college. I felt shame that I actually missed out on the opportunity to read such works when I was a young child. I always dreamed of a way out of the ghetto but dreams are what they are when one is trapped by reality. Maya Angelou's poems strike at the heart of the black consciousness. She raises the umbrella of truth in regards to the Black's struggle for voice and acknowledgement. She captivated my heart and soul and awakened my desire to dream again. All that is presumed lost is lost if one believes that dreams never come true. I have a new found faith in recognizing the special gift that the Black race gives to the culture of America. Even though history has presented a different picture we as Black folk understand and are driven with determined speed to undo the undone, we only ask to be recognized, or as Maya Angelou states, "Take the blinders from your vision take the padding from your ears, and confess you've heard me crying, and admit you've seen my tears" (233). God Bless!

  • None
    2020-02-25 07:00

    Maya Angelou has been one of my greatest inspirations since the seventh grade. I am now a rising senior in high school and I aspire to be a poet and writer. She is, by far, one of the most influential, strongest, and inspiring Black woman in the works of literature. Many of her poems I take reference to when doing an English assignment because she takes hold of many issues facing our people, especially women of even all colors. I hope to meet her some day but until that some day comes I will continue to be a big fan of hers and let her words echo through my mind and felt in my heart. I recommend everyone to read her work for it is truly inspirational.

  • Luis Méndez
    2020-02-06 09:52

    siempre he creido que los poemas deben ser rimados y por eso no me gustan los versos blancos, los desatinos poeticos de la libre versificacion. Maya Angelou presenta rima y verso, sus poemas son cantables, recitables, tienen gracia y ritmo y cierto estilo que parece ser caracteristico de los afroamericanos, sus poemas me encantaron todos. y por favor otra cosa, a ella hay que leerla en su idioma. la poesia se pierde en las traducciones, sino traten de leer a neruda en ingles para que vean que desastre.. LUIS MENDEZ [email protected]

  • None
    2020-02-20 06:34

    Angelou has the capacity to convey our most inner and innate identity. Through her award-winning poetry, she uses words to draw out the feelings within our souls that are common to all people on this planet. By her literary magic, she urges the reader to let his differences dissolve and celebrate the human race as a whole. All of this is accopmlished with a candor, eloquence, and style which is all her own. Bravo, Professor Angelou.

  • None
    2020-02-10 10:57

    Mrs. Angelou has written these poems all of her life, to have all of her publications in one book is absolutely wonderful! I have always loved Maya, as she worked with Martin Luther King Jr. (although I wasn't born yet, but studied it) was a great speaker, and up to the President Clinton's innagration service, she has always bee what I call PERFECT!! The poems are very moving, I recommend this to EVERYONE alive!!!

  • None
    2020-01-31 09:43

    I unfortunately only know a few poems by Maya Angelou; plus her book I know why the caged bird sings. I think she is the best writer ever born in this world and 'Phenomenal Woman' is my all time favorite poem. Anyone who cares about the history of African-American women should read Maya. And every woman who is proud to be a woman should read her poetry. You will find a big part of yourself in it.

    2020-02-28 10:03

    words don't even begin to describe her genius with words and thoughts.the bottom line is you either have it or you don't and she has that it.her words are timeless and have an impact on everyday life and events.this book reflects moods× but speak volumes of the world around.for anyone wondering who is a great poet this is a great start.