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Luna is an open penal colony and the regime is a harsh one Not surprisingly, revolution against the hated authority is planned But the key figures in the revolt are an unlikely crew Manuel Garcia O Kelly, an engaging jack of all trades, the beautiful Wyoming Knott and Mike, a lonely computer who likes to make up jokes ...

Title : The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (S.F. MASTERWORKS)
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ISBN : 0575082410
ISBN13 : 978-0575082410
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Language : Englisch
Publisher : Gateway 11 Dezember 2008
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The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (S.F. MASTERWORKS) Reviews

  • T. Fischer
    2020-01-29 03:03

    Heinlein wird immer wieder als einer der großen Science-Fiction Autoren gepriesen - zu Recht wie mit diesem Werk und seinen anderen bekannten Büchern gezeigt wird. Definitiv ein Buch das den aufgedruckten Titel "SF-Masterworks" verdient und in keiner Science-Fiction Sammlung fehlen sollte.Sei es als Literatur für den (Englisch-) Unterricht, privat, oder als Geschenk, die Hardcoverversion macht in allen Fällen eine gute Figur. Die Bindung ist ordentlich und das Buch ist auf gutem Papier, nicht dem typisch amerikanischen Bibelpapier, sondern vernünftig dickes Papier gedruckt. Somit braucht man beim Umblättern keine Angst vor gerissenen Seiten haben und kann das Buch auch durchaus unterwegs in der U-Bahn auf dem Weg zur Arbeit lesen. Auch als Geschenk macht es somit deutlich mehr her als die Softcoverversion.Achtung: Für diejenigen mit etwas schwächeren English unter uns kann das Buch zur Geduldsprobe werden. Heinlein hat das Buch absichtlich in einem English geschrieben das "fortschrittlich" (aus linguistischer Sicht) wirken soll, und somit auf etliche Bindewörter verzichtet. Nach einiger Zeit gewöhnt man sich jedoch daran und kann der kürzeren Wortahl sogar positives abgewöhnen.

  • Magdalena
    2020-02-06 02:23

    Das einzige, was ich von Heinlein gelesen habe, und richtig grossartig. Bin kein Ingenieur, aber die dargelegten technischen Ueberlegungen beeindrucken mich sehr. Erscheint richtig plausibel und man fragt sich, warum das nicht schon umgesetzt ist.

  • chisco86
    2020-02-04 01:24

    Das Buch ist genial, in diesem Fall es war als Geschenk gedacht und ist im guten Zustand an dem Empfänger im Ausland angekommen.

  • Björn D.
    2020-02-10 03:16

    Excitingly laid out history of moon's transition from a penal colony to an independent state. Reading material for every future revolutionary.

  • mowhak
    2020-01-27 22:56

    Having become curious by hearing its title being mentioned in some anarchist newsgroups, I decided to give it a try rather out of political curiosity, but with the background of a lover of good sci-fi literature. What can I say, both characteristics of myself were completely satisfied. The story is a kind of futuristic version of America's struggle for independance, this time America being the most ardent behind greater colonial oppressor Mother Earth; and Luna being an exploited colony and dump for convicts, ex-convicts and a growing community of ordinary inhabitants. Written in 1966, the novel still bears enough delicate political resemblance to what is happening nowadays that it could as well be quite fresh (and I could have said the same some 20 years ago). I am not familiar with the controversy about his other book ("Starship Troopers") nor interested enough to engage myself in it (quote about the film made in 1997:" to make fans of the novel cry in their popcorn.").This book is beyond mere agitprop as well as beyond mere escapist sci-fi, quite humourous, and highly recommended. The characters are of an intersting mix; the concept of a computer who manages to evolve into a mentally anthropoid being you really begin to like is maybe even far more convincing nowadays, as well as the other main character, who in different situations always has to decide accordingly among a set of different artificial cyborg-arms which substitute the one he lost. And who is not the only typical male-hero character as well, while there are a lot of non-stereotype female characters to identify with for any female reader who gets bored with all those hard-boiled heros of so many sci-fi stories one gets to read.Speaking as a non-native speaker, even 'luna-speak' becomes comprehensible and funny quite fast. Speaking as a lover of a good story-line and of a political message, 5 points. Writing as a lover of good entertainment on a high level, 5 points as well.

  • Cipera, Alfred
    2020-01-23 22:58

    So sollte der Untertitel lauten. Wer lernen will, der kann hier viiiiiiiiel lernen.Sollte in keiner wohl sortierten Anarchistenbibliothek fehlen.

  • Anakina
    2020-01-26 00:16

    This book has left me puzzled. The setting (the Moon) is undoubtedly fascinating. The story itself, although it is a sci-fi reinterpretation of the American Revolutionary War, has a remarkable originality. Unfortunately I did not like the way it was developed and only the first two points have allowed me to give it two stars instead of one.We have a lot on the plate and we immediately realize that a novel is just too little to develop all that as it should. The result is that it appears to be largely a mere report, full of super-detailed technical information in the political, scientific field, etc ..., with facts summarized in a few lines here and there, and only portions of dialogues, which fail to bare the feelings and the humanity of the characters.The most obvious consequence is boredom.Yet in the beginning I had been intrigued with the computer, Mike, that had taken self-consciousness, thus becoming alive. But then the story ends up relying too much on this intelligent, likeable, able to do anything, infallible supercomputer, only thanks to which (at least roughly) the characters succeed to achieve their goals.It seemed too easy.I was hoping for an improvement, but I found myself trudging in the middle of the book wishing for it to end as quickly as possible. A story that is essentially told, in which little is shown as it should. The same choice to tell it from the point of view of a single character limits it a lot.Despite the long timescales of the narrative, the ending is obvious from the moment you understand what the story is really about. There are no real twists or, better, the way in which the events are narrated makes them little surprising.The motivations of the characters, including the protagonist who speaks in first person, are not at all clear. Their feelings are said in words, but not shown convincingly in the gestures.From the reading I received an almost sterile report of facts, which completely failed to entertain me.Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli, author of