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In the twenty third century pioneers have escaped the crowded earth for life in self sustaining orbital colonies.One of the colonies, Rotor, has broken away from the solar system to create its own renegade utopia around an unknown red star two light years from Earth a star named Nemesis.Now a fifteen year old Rotorian girl has learned of the dire threat that nemesis poses to Earth s people but she is prevented from warning them.Soon she will realize that Nemesis endangers Rotor as well.And so it will be up to her alone to save both Earth and Rotor as drawn inexorably by Nemesis, the death star they hurtle toward certain disaster....

Title : Nemesis
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ISBN13 : 978-0553286281
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Nemesis Reviews

  • ANM
    2020-02-29 17:03

    This is an excellent tale by one of the masters of Science Fiction, well worth the read. I can't understand why some reviewers give it such a low rating. Maybe if there were light sabers, blasters, and evil aliens it would have rated better... and it is a single volume, maybe they would have been more favorable if it had sequels, prequels, and parallel stories.

  • Lewis Woolston
    2020-02-29 19:00

    Nemesis was written near the end of Asimov's life and career. It is possible to argue that his best work was behind him and he should have called it a day but I think this novel is still worth a read.

  • Roger J. Buffington
    2020-02-14 22:40

    Many or most Asimov fans consider "Nemesis" to be one of Asimov's weaker efforts, and I am very much inclined to agree with this assessment. The characters in this novel have a peculiar one-dimensional feel to them, even for Asimov characters (which are rarely particularly memorable, albeit he has produced an Elijah Bailey). Marlene, Fisher, Wendel are all eminently forgettable, and as always, even Asimov's villains are not particularly villainous in this novel. For all that, this one is at least readable--as always Asimov's prose is pretty good and he does weave a story that captures the reader's interest.

  • Paul E. Harrison
    2020-02-23 21:43

    Asimov begins Nemesis with a note to the effect that this isn't part of the Foundation, Empire, or Robots series, but he might at some point write a novel to try and join them. But as readers of those series will tell you, he's going to have a tough job marrying a story about how a group of arrogant but highly intelligent Earth-hating humans leave the Solar System in the early part of the third millennium to colonize new worlds with, say, the Robots series, which concerns a bunch of colonized worlds inhabited by Earth-hating highly intelligent humans at the end of the third millennium.