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Passionate, cantankerous, and fascinating Rather like Korea itself Nicholas D Kristof, New York Times Book Review Korea has endured a fractured, shattered twentieth century, and this updated edition brings Bruce Cumings s leading history of the modern era into the present The small country, overshadowed in the imperial era, crammed against great powers during the Cold War, and divided and decimated by the Korean War, has recently seen the first real hints of reunification But positive movements forward are tempered by frustrating steps backward In the late 1990s South Korea survived its most severe economic crisis since the Korean War, forcing a successful restructuring of its political economy Suffering through floods, droughts, and a famine that cost the lives of millions of people, North Korea has been labeled part of an axis of evil by the George W Bush administration and has renewed its nuclear threats On both sides Korea seems poised to continue its fractured existence on into the new century, with potential ramifications for the rest of the world 25 illustrations...

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Korea's Place in the Sun: A Modern History (Updated) Reviews

  • David Fairley
    2020-03-17 20:50

    I rarely read books more than once. But my continuing interest in all things Korean and my appreciation of Cumings' book induced me to read it a second time.

  • muenster
    2020-03-22 00:29

    I like the information provided in this book. It quickly covers the ancient kingdoms and how they became Korea, then slows down to focus on more recent history. Cumings seems to be quite knowledgable and does great research, but I do not care for his writing style. Multiple times I found myself groaning or rolling my eyes because of an unnecessary, seemingly conceited reference to an aspect of his personal life. This would be fine if found in the preface, maybe to emphasize his personal ties and how he came to be an expert. But suddenly mentioning his wife's family when talking about a town in modern North Korea did not seem relevant.

  • Melanie
    2020-03-23 01:58

    While I found Cumming's writing to be very biased, Korea's Place in the Sun is an interesting read. The author's use of emotive language and a mixture of personal experience and historical facts is also interesting.

  • Gary L Trousil
    2020-03-05 22:30

    Good factual book

  • Nancy R
    2020-03-12 01:37

    Interesting book but rather out of date. Would prefer more current information since N. Korea is continually evolving.

  • Amazon Customer
    2020-03-21 22:48

    Clearly and interestingly written; however too general overall. For those who have little knowledge on Korea, it may serve the purpose; however, not enough analytical approach.

  • Etienne RP
    2020-03-05 23:47

    Professor Cumings has a talent for putting people in a rage. He is denounced by his critics almost as sharply as he denounces them. If the American Historical Association offers a course in anger management one day, they should invite him as guest speaker. Views about his books are heavily polarized. He is lionized by a generation of historians, many of them Koreans, who found in his work a source of emancipation and independence from received ideas and conventional views. Likewise, he comes under heavy criticism by an earlier generation of scholars and practicians, Americans but not only, who accuse him of being too harsh on the US and too lenient towards the North Korean regime. Until recently, he was considered as the authoritative source on the origins of the Korean war, about which he wrote a massive, two-volume study. His Modern History of Korea, more than 500 pages long, has been characterized by a New York Times reviewer as "passionate, cantankerous and fascinating".

  • Julia
    2020-03-26 19:56

    I found this a worthwhile read for my college class. It gave me a different insight into not only modern Korean history (after occupation), but also into global politics surrounding Korea, China, and Japan. It is a history book, so it's a thick book. But invest in learning about Korea through this, and you'll come out with a different perspective about the whole subject.