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If I were a voter in Britain, I would vote for Jeremy Corbyn Noam Chomsky, 2017 Who Rules the World is the essential account of geopolitics right now including an afterword on President Donald Trump Noam Chomsky philosopher, political writer, fearless activist No one has done to question the hidden actors who govern our lives, calling the powers that be to account Here he presents Who Rules the World , his definitive account of those powers, how they work, and why we should be questioning them From the dark history of the US and Cuba to China s global rise, from torture memos to sanctions on Iran, this book investigates the defining issues of our times and exposes the hypocrisy at the heart of America s policies and actions The world s political and financial elite are now operating almost totally unconstrained by the so called democratic structure With climate change and nuclear proliferation threatening our very survival, dissenting voices have never been necessary Fiercely outspoken and rigorously argued, Who Rules the World is an indispensable guide to how things really are....

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Who Rules the World? Reviews

  • Ernestina Parziale
    2020-02-05 08:17

    For some time people have been aware that we live in a government-by-corporation world. Mr Chomsky lays out the nuts and bolts of how this works. For someone who cares, this is a good starting point at getting an education on the subject. Vilified by conservatives and liberals alike who feed at the corporate troughs, Mr Chomsky sees things as they are. I would recommend any of his books.

  • Mark Wells
    2020-02-03 08:03

    I am not a typical reader of Chomsky - my views would be described as 'conservative'. But in my studies over the past 10 years I have tried to read the 'other side'. My conclusion is that our oppressors have benefited from (and probably planned) the great divide between liberals and conservatives. Conservatives trust the "markets" while Liberals trust the government. The truth is that the government and the market are two heads of the same beast when crony capitalism takes over and the oligarchy rules. That is why there was no appreciable difference from Bush to Clinton to Bush to Obama. Both sides need to realize that the oligarchy benefits from this division, and we need to seek common ground to dismantle the power structures that are slowly squeezing the liberties out of our society.

  • Objective John
    2020-02-06 14:05

    I find it challenging to read but I am not a big reader. Some sentences are complex and difficult to follow. I find I have to reread them. Regardless, he has many references and quotes that back up what he writes. I found the information regarding Haiti and the ouster of Jean-Bertrand Aristide so disturbing. So I searched sources and found an article by the Huffington Post that confirmed it. Also and many other sources. Quoting Powell on a CNN story "He called Aristide "a man who was democratically elected, but he did not democratically govern or govern well," he said. "Now we are there to give the Haitian people another chance." How smart do you have to be to see through that? How does Powell and all these people look at themselves in the mirror I don't know. The book covers many stories of how the financial elite rule the world. However you almost wish for more detail, like a quote from someone at the highest level in a multinational corporation (perhaps I missed it). Plenty of people in politics get quoted. The gap between what the average American knows and what is happening is staggering. The stories left out of the media are also shocking. It will be a very sad day when the United States loses Noam Chomsky. It is simply good versus evil, unimaginable evil. So many are so ready to sell their soul for wealth.

  • Y. Scholar
    2020-02-05 07:16

    This book is essential for anyone trying to understand recent global developments in light of long-term trends of Western and American global hegemony. Very insightful and an eye-opener for curious western readers.

  • Tomas Jankauskas
    2020-02-29 07:17

    Great research based insights and critique of the world order. A must read for people who are able to absorb critical thought and think for themselves; this book is undoubtfully a great source of explanation of why the world politics are the way they are and why are we in such a deep mess. Narrow minded conservatives, nationalists, mercantilists and even far left followers will not like this book because it is not a source which they can use to prove their confirmation bias.

  • Trudy
    2020-01-29 10:14

    A great book. I feel this man tells the truth. I was terribly disillusioned to learn facts that I did not know. Some of my heroes were not heroes, were villains. But I believe what I read.

  • Amazon Customer
    2020-02-03 06:12

    I appreciate the "Chomsky narrative" and always have. This book continues that narrative, strings it all together and goes into new detail (at new to me). Overall great read.

  • Ernesto Hernandez
    2020-02-24 10:19

    I strongly recommend this book, since it provides an alternative, factual and critical perspective to mainstream historical education. I did not give 5 stars, because I thought it was repetitious at times and found the author digressing at times. Nevertheless, I strongly suggest this book to anyone who is open minded and in search of increasing it intellect.